Great Product
KM gave Armor Concepts 4 stars
This product is well crafted in terms of quality and design, and easy to install. My only concern is that based on the design, although you increase reinforcement of the door thereby increasing security, you also diminish energy efficiency after installing because the metal parts create air gaps in the door weather strips which end up allowing noticeable air drafts. Part of the problem is my front entry door is made to be only the entry door, with no room for a storm or security door by design. So installing this product, you end up sacrificing energy efficiency for security, which I'm somewhat ok with....but it would be nice to achieve both. Unfortunately, I've tried adding new weather striping only to realize it's really the design of this product. Perhaps in future designs, maybe some type of weather striping can be added to the metal parts and be tested not only for secuirty strength but also for energy efficiency. Now for those who storm/security doors won't have this issue.