A must have item for any entry door
Phil Brening gave Armor Concepts 5 stars
Once I read the details of the shield, I was very confident in the idea that it would offer the protection I wanted. As the police call mule kick a door in....this device will deter shut activities. A solid core door will definitely be protected as the hinge, jams, lock area are all protected. Prying with a bar is very much eliminated as the metal reinforcement makes it near impossible to pry the door or lock open. Once installed, the post-installation view is minimal, but the detail you see gives the impression to a potential thief that he is not going to have access as he expected. That convinces him that he must go to an easier target. Team this kit with a good lockset and you have made your door an exceptional passage that can not easily be forced open. I must recommend that anyone should review their needs and definitely install this device in all areas that require a shield of protection.