Ted Benitez gave Armor Concepts 5 stars
I've never been a victim of home invasion, breaking and entering or burglary but I can actually say that I didn't become one because of Armor Concepts. I installed the "Door Jam Armor" 3 years ago, installed the "EZ Armor" on my garage access door and "Armor Latch" on my sliding doors a year later. The Door Jam Armor was put to the test by three thugs that tried to kick in my front door on April 26, 2015. It started with my door bell ringing and knocks on my door at 2:15 AM. I peeked through the peephole and saw one individual in front of the door, another just around the corner of my house and another just beside the door barely out of view of the peephole. I didn't know these individuals so I didn't open the door nor did I answer, but I did call 911 and notified the operator of my situation. They rang the door bell and knocked on my door several more times about 5-7 minutes or so (regardless, it felt like it was going on for a while) and then they tried kicking the door in. My wife,