Almost too big
Vince gave Armor Concepts 4 stars
Installed these without too many issues. After putting on the door guards called and was told I didn't need to use them since I had a Steel door. Would have been nice to see this in the instructions. Hinge guards also took some time to adjust to keep the door swinging and closing properly. They told me on the phone to tighten the hinge guards more but I was already using an impact screw gun didn't want to risk twisting the screws off. Not something for the average DIY'er. Would like to see a brown color offered as well. Mine fits so tight that wears the paint off I put on. I also predrilled the holes even though I didn't need too. Also with door shields in place the weather stripping does not seal the door, no problems with the others, although I will have to remove the hinge and door plate if I ever replace the weather stripping.