• 4.7

Long plate on door jam , last screws on end when tight pull from the jam rubs door , I will cut off 2 ins when I have time
Richard Kollmar gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Looks to be a great product. The trouble I see is in the installation video. It claims to strengthen the weakest points but as seen in the installation video the weakest part of that door is the glass panes that could be broken easily with a rock from you
Edward Wells gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Great product.
Rugged vest. Plates are very well placed in the vest.
Garrett D. Smith gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great product!!!
Jacob Brixey gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great Product
This is a great product to keep anyone from kicking in our doors. Pretty simple to install and it gives a us a good sense of security.
ROBERT BELLEW gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Good but may need some modifications
I picked up the max kit and I do like the kit and am a big believer in reinforcing wood doors. I checked the clearance of my frame with the quarters as recommended but I still had to remove some of my trim and frame to get the door to close with out forcing it shut. If you are willing to do a little extra wood if in case it doesn't match up to your door then this is a good way to go.
Troy Mundinger gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Door Armor Max Combo Set
Video and written instructions were straight forward, but I had some difficulty getting the dead bolt to engage properly into the jamb shield during installation. There was a bit of trial and error involved. All doors are not created equal, so be patient. For my installation, positioning the jamb shield as far as it could go behind the rubberized would not work. Instead, the jamb shield lip had to hang a bit over the inside frame to get everything true and deadbolt engaged. Hinge shields went on very easy. Lastly, the door shields always seem to be left-overs in the videos. However, I found them useful to use on other doors, specifically on entrance doors into my house from the garage. So, don't store and trash them. Even if left over, they may have a good use.
Jerry J gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Peace of Mind
I installed the Armor Concepts mobile door armor on my mother's doors after someone tried breaking into her mobile home while she was home. It feels so much stronger and the door armor fixed a problem with the door where the door would pop open if the dead bolt wasn't locked. My mother and I have peace of mind knowing that this product is so sturdy. Thank you!
Jennifer Schafer gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
I saw the demonstration on youtube where they tried to break the door down with battering ram and did not make it. So I bought for two doors and hope no one ever tries to break id down. It went up very easy. Just by taking your time it would take less
John Mooney gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
I installed four door armor kits, one on each exterior door. My only complaint is that i felt that the holes for the deadbolt could have been wider to better accommodate my dead bolts. The vertical alignment worked fine, but I had to dremal out the width of the strike plate hole for two of my doors because i could not adjust the kit adequately. it worked out fine, but it did take extra work to ensure a proper fit. I do feel like they made my entries much more secure.
Zachary Esch gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
I am very satisfied with the product. It was installed on the front and back doors in about 15 minutes each. The rear door was a little tight, and as the temperature and humidity rose, the door and jamb swelled some, so be aware of that. I don't use the back door much, so it is not much of a problem. Just a little tug or firm push needed. This of course should ease as cooler weather comes. The one thing I thought of that was strange is that as an older person that might have a health issue in the future, I only lock the keypad deadbolt. That way, my son and neighbors can get in if they need to. Otherwise, I am sure first responders would have to come through a window because they're not getting through the door. Very satisfied, and recommended to the owner of my alarm company.
John Myers gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Excellent product, repeat customer.
Excellent product, repeat customer.
Santiago Aragon gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
I haven't had to test it out yet (thankfully), but this product is well made, the installation is quick and easy, and it is a solid way to add an extra line of defense to your home. It may give you the time you need to ready yourself to fight back or to lead your family to escape. I would highly recommend this product.
Travis Warwick gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great product
I have installed over 100 armor kits and had only 1 break in with the armor installed. This is a great product. It really helps. Quite a few attempts but only 1 made it in. Highly recommended.
Carlos Maldonado gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Feel more secure
My door is more secure now and i feel much safer. Thank You guys.
Delmar Mark Tyler gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Excellent product!
Michael Mannelli gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Armor Concepts makes a really great product!
Very satisfied with this product. Note that you may need to score the door jamb so that the plate and trim is flush with the wall - really a minor cosmetic preference. I've recommended this product to severeal of my friends and have a set on each door of my home. Relatively easy installation too.
Nicholas Whitson gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great product!
This is a wonderful product! Easy to install and strong !!
Debra Jursinski gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
I have purchased many products from door jamb armor because I have confidence in armor Concepts products such as the pry shield and the door jamb armor max kit. These products will protect your home from violent intrusion without electricity, batteries or maintenance. Door jamb armor has your back, be safe.
Robert Fogg gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Like it, Love it & a must have!
I love this product on my home. Guarantee to make the bad guys think twice. Easy DIY (look for the instructions in the box).
Troy Hampe gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review