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Highly Recommended!!!
Tony S. selfie
As a retired crime scene investigator, I've personally processed thousands of burglary scenes. I can attest to the fact that the preferred point of entry for burglars is a doorway. Most people would be surprised to know just how easily a burglar can kick in your door in only a few seconds. Standard door installations only provide the illusion of security. The fact is, they consist of short screws securing a strike plate onto a thin, wooden door jam. One kick splits the door jam and the screws pop out, allowing easy access. Don't believe me? Just look at the attached pics of an actual break-in. A secure door needs metal reinforcement at the three weakest points: the lock, the door jam and the hinges. It also needs long screws that penetrate into the 2" x 4 " studs behind the door jam. Door Armor meets that criteria. I looked at all sorts of security products to reinforce doors and found this one to be far superior in design and implementation. This is one amazing product!
Tony S. gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Long plate on door jam , last screws on end when tight pull from the jam rubs door , I will cut off 2 ins when I have time
Richard Kollmar gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Fast shipping!
I saw a YouTube video on a door security hardware. I purchased the hardware and it was delivered two days later. I just finished installing the dead bolt security plate, the latch security plate and the 46 inch long striker plate on my front door. It's an old, solid wood door and the hardware fit perfect. I am very happy with my purchase.
Steve Messenger gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Door Armor Max
Great product. Easy to install and barely visible when the door is closed. I researched several products and liked this the best for it's included features and security. It can be painted to match your door color.
Jason Pohl gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Very good. Easy to install.
Marion Fogle gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Easy to install
thankfully the door protector has not been put to the test. But it was easy to install and is not an eyesore on the door. You would never know it was there unless you were familiar with the product and looking for it.
Michelle Wagoner gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great product and easy to install. Feel much safer with armor concepts installed.
Fred Lopez gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
i installed these first time for customer. new concept to me but customer was wanting security. they installed easy and worked good. i now recomend them to other customers. new idea for everyone so it will take a while to get people to use
Mark Peters gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Very good product and not difficult to install.
Salvatore Cannella gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
As a cop. PERFECT
Your products are amazing. How can I get information to hand out to people while on patrol. Are there products we can demo to our citizens academy?
Richard Bauer gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Don’t get the pry shield!
The door armor is great, but the key shield is an absolute nightmare to install. Trying to figure out how to uninstall.
Priscilla Moncada gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Rock solid protection.
I was always concerned about my front door. The door itself is solid, however the jamb has a sidelight, so the frame is only a 2x4 with trim. I used the Mini Combo from AC to reinforce this weakness, and then forgot about it. Two years later a neighbor called me at work frantic saying my house was on fire. It turns out it was a building behind me, and it was just a patio cover thankfully. During the confusion, two volunteer firemen who were passing by were stopped by my neighbor, who pointed to my dog barking in the front window. Thinking the house was on fire, these two big guys tried to kick in my front door to "save" my dog. They didn't budge it, after repeated tries. I came home to multiple size 13 boot marks on my door, however the solid door and frame were completely intact and undamaged. There was only a small bend in the door armor, where the deadbolt was repeatedly forced into it from the blows. The Armor Concepts product worked better than I could ever have hoped for.
David Jones gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Excellent product and easy install. I would recommend predrilling holes. Too much torque required otherwise and will save the screw slots. I’m absolutely confident it will stop a kick in. Would higly recommenced.
steve magdaleno gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Majella Empleo gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Very well made product. Easy to install with simple and easy to follow instructions. Give me peace of mind.
Daniel Lord gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Looks to be a great product. The trouble I see is in the installation video. It claims to strengthen the weakest points but as seen in the installation video the weakest part of that door is the glass panes that could be broken easily with a rock from you
Edward Wells gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Great product.
Rugged vest. Plates are very well placed in the vest.
Garrett D. Smith gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great product!!!
Jacob Brixey gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Great Product
This is a great product to keep anyone from kicking in our doors. Pretty simple to install and it gives a us a good sense of security.
ROBERT BELLEW gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Good but may need some modifications
I picked up the max kit and I do like the kit and am a big believer in reinforcing wood doors. I checked the clearance of my frame with the quarters as recommended but I still had to remove some of my trim and frame to get the door to close with out forcing it shut. If you are willing to do a little extra wood if in case it doesn't match up to your door then this is a good way to go.
Troy Mundinger gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review