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Armor Concepts Effective and practical home security solutions.

Easy to Install. Directions easy to follow. Just needed a little additional weather strip around the door when finished. Highly recommended
John Casertano gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
I wish they had a detailed installation video for this model—I have already installed three other non-window models over the last 7 years. The instructions are available in a PDF so you can zoom-in to see details. Installation took almost two hours, as I carefully took my time trying to figure out the next step, and get the right tool. I’m ordering a second standard door system before Christmas to get the 20% discount special. I use Armor Concepts for all my homes and trust them. Installed Abloy deadbolts that compliment Armor Concepts quality.
Bryan gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
I ordered one double side light reinforcement kits and 2 regular door ones. The double side light door was a brand new door installed. The professional installers said the door was too tight to the frame to fit the jamb piece on the doorframe and the kit would not fit. Was really hoping it would work to enhance my security on my front door.
Brandon gave Armor Concepts a 2 star review
This kit strengthens the door, frame, and hinges, making it virtually impossible to kick the door in. The install is very quick. There is no need to take the door off, and requires few tools. Pretty much anyone can install this. Also the people who work there are way awesome!!!
LeRoy Moore gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Just get one! It's far better than using a stick on your sliding glass door.
LeRoy Moore gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
This product is well crafted in terms of quality and design, and easy to install. My only concern is that based on the design, although you increase reinforcement of the door thereby increasing security, you also diminish energy efficiency after installing because the metal parts create air gaps in the door weather strips which end up allowing noticeable air drafts. Part of the problem is my front entry door is made to be only the entry door, with no room for a storm or security door by design. So installing this product, you end up sacrificing energy efficiency for security, which I'm somewhat ok with....but it would be nice to achieve both. Unfortunately, I've tried adding new weather striping only to realize it's really the design of this product. Perhaps in future designs, maybe some type of weather striping can be added to the metal parts and be tested not only for secuirty strength but also for energy efficiency. Now for those who storm/security doors won't have this issue.
KM gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
My goal is pretty simple - delay an amateur or semi-skilled burglar for seven minutes; enough time in our area for an alarm signal to be transmitted, relayed to the police, and the first car to arrive. In my opinion, the Door Armor product when combined with a solid door and a good quality pick resistant lock set will reliably achieve this goal. Of course, I don't think the aggressor is going to hang around and beat on the door for seven minutes. Entry denial for a low cost makes Door Armor an excellent security value.
Bob Long gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Opened up the package and installed it. Directions were easy to read and we will hopefully never have to test the product, but at least it is installed.
Andrew Roberts gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
I purchased this product to reinforce a door jamb that was damaged from an attempt to kick the door in. Installation was easy and I am confident that the door is now more secure than ever. Great product.
LaVannes Rose gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review
Would like to see more colors besides white, or just offer a primed version so it would be easier to paint over. Installs fairly easily just takes more time since you need to work around the door trim and the hinges. Also glad I had a pneumatic nailer to put the trim back on as would be next to impossible to nail the trim on by hand.
Vince gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
Installed these without too many issues. After putting on the door guards called and was told I didn't need to use them since I had a Steel door. Would have been nice to see this in the instructions. Hinge guards also took some time to adjust to keep the door swinging and closing properly. They told me on the phone to tighten the hinge guards more but I was already using an impact screw gun didn't want to risk twisting the screws off. Not something for the average DIY'er. Would like to see a brown color offered as well. Mine fits so tight that wears the paint off I put on. I also predrilled the holes even though I didn't need too. Also with door shields in place the weather stripping does not seal the door, no problems with the others, although I will have to remove the hinge and door plate if I ever replace the weather stripping.
Vince gave Armor Concepts a 4 star review
This is a very good idea and it works great I have this and if any one would like it please let me know we are selling this product it’s. 15 min install and protect your whole family
Tom Olya Kornacki gave Armor Concepts a 5 star review