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Sophia  Dao  selfie
Gap bumper is a must have if you have a dog! It took us 1 minute to install and gave our dog endless playtime. Our pup is kind of like a cat - she seats the balls and runs back and forth to chase them. This meant a lot of us getting down on the floor to fetch the ball for her. It was such a hassle we eventually said no balls in the house. Since we installed gap bumper, she’s been a very happy pup!
Sophia Dao gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review
great item would buy another
Alexis Rios gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review
Gap Bumper is great for families with boxers who like to play with tennis balls. They no longer have me go under the couch or TV stand and they play for hours without interruption.
Larry White gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review
This product is the best thing to happen in our household. Our heeler purposely likes to put all of his toys under the couch. Now with gap bumper, we don’t have to spend every minute searching under the couch for his toys. Its easy to install and the quality is impeccable. We need one for every couch!
Andrea Chandler gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review
The gap bumper really saved my sanity! My pup always loves bouncing the ball right under the couch and barks untill get it for her. We’ve had it for a few months now and haven’t have one ball roll under. We can throw the ball and roll it with no worrys of it going under and play time is a lot more fun for everyone! Great quailty and holds up great!
Sara F gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review
My back thanks the people who designed the Gap Bumper, as my dog can no longer subject me to one of his favorite games. He likes to take small, round toys and pretend to put them under the couch accidentally. Then he cries for me to remove them. Ha! No more of that. The Gap Bumper is exactly what I've needed. It fits perfectly, took only seconds to install, and works like a charm.
Linda Cushmeyer gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review
Love this product! I don’t have to move the couch anymore to get the dogs toys every time they would slide under the couch!
Linda Bettyas gave Gap Bumper a 5 star review