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Jordan jury works tirelessly to make sure your fitness needs are accounted for. His workouts are fun, engaging, and effective. He is one of the most genuine trainers you can hire. I wholeheartedly reccomend jordan jury.
Hunter Maholic gave Jordan Jury Fitness a 5 star review
Jordan Jury is one of the most dedicated people to helping people lose weight and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is trying to lose weight
Sean Donnelly gave Jordan Jury Fitness a 5 star review
I could not speak more highly of this trainer!!! Courteous and polite, friendly and warm! Jordan Jury is not only a great trainer but a great human being! An expert in his field he practices what he preaches to his clients. His body of knowledge related to fitness is endless. I was able to work out in a safe nonjudgmental environment, according to my schedule, with respect towards my goals and limitations. He had a variety of exercises so I wouldn’t get bored tailored just for me. He respected what limitations I had at all times. I could not be more pleased!!
Erik Pegg gave Jordan Jury Fitness a 5 star review