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This work out is amazing! For the past few months I have been seeing a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and strengthing my core is key to the success of this therapy. Finding ways at home to work on my deep core has been a challenge until I read Lauren's new book The Power Source and discovered her studio! My favorite video is the Deep Core Body Sphere Work Out - I'm already feeling stronger, more stable, I've improved my breathing and my belly is a little flatter! I can't wait to try more videos! Thank you for providing such awesome material for women that is not only fun to do, but helpful!
Dani Seaton gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I’m a believer! I joined Aligned Life after pre-ordering The Power Source. I already own Lauren’s first book and appreciate her work. What I’ve learned after using the videos for a couple of weeks is that 1) I am feeling so good that I look forward to doing the videos 2) I can feel my stubborn body changing in positive ways (which is almost a miracle for me!) and 3) I love the way Lauren explains proper form and the benefits of the exercises she chooses. I’ve been able to apply her tips to deepen the work in similar exercises in my pilates class (and my instructor noticed!!). I appreciate that the videos are different lengths, so I can do a shorter one when I’m pressed for time, or many when I have more time. I also appreciate the positivity and self love - it’s part of what will keep me coming back for more. ??????
Susan Evans gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
When I first started the TSY challenge I promised myself that I would stay true to Lauren's philosophy that by doing the program 3x a week I would see results. For someone who has spent the last 35+ years doing everything from lifting weights to aerobics to lose weight or reshape my body, this was a big change. Boy am I so glad I took the leap--not only did I drop about a dress size, my morning blood sugar drops have all but disappeared and I walk with confidence and ease. I can't wait to start the next challenge, and with the support of Lo and her team, as well as the Tribe, I'm sure I'm going to see even more results!
Sara Smits van Oyen gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I have been following Lauren now for about two years using the foam roller and rebounder. I absolutely love this workout combination! It feels so good and fits perfectly with my busy lifestyle. The ten week program was worth every penny! I love that the videos in the library can be revisited any time. I am already looking forward to doing them again! Thank you!
Lucia Saboe gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
The Aligned Studio is absolutely amazing!! Lo provides numerous videos to guide you through whatever your fitness or wellness goals are. Growing up doing all the sports; basketball, gymnastics, track & soccer my lower half was always thicker. Now my body is finally becoming longer, leaner more sculpted and I am having more energy than I thought possible!! To anyone who might be skeptical about the many benefits of foam rolling and rebounding let me reassure you IT WORKS!! Lo is the “Body Whisperer” and will show you how to take better care of your emotional and physical well being. She’s a godsend and I’m forever grateful for her willingness to share her gifts to help others reach their goals and wellness potential. #alignedtribeforlife
Jacy Kowalyszyn gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I've started to join the tribe, because I wanted the full on training experience. I'm a goop follower and always loved the interviews and mini workouts but have come to a point where that wasn't enough to transform my body and make me feel it again. Two years ago I suffered half a year from a deep rooted inflammation at my lower back, I gained 10 kilos and was a bit at a loss of how to reconnect with my body and get my feel good weight and shape again. I did 15 years classic ballet training and several years of vinyasa yoga before the inflammation happened. I already started to lose weight again and did some gentle Iyenga yoga but still the areas that I wanted to tackle remained unimpressed from my workouts. Then I started to follow you on Instagram and watched your aligned life workouts and gave it a shot. So far my body is reacting really well to the softer movements on the roller and I have the feeling that I get my core strength back. THANK YOU!
Jennifer Wegerhoff gave Lauren Roxburgh a 4 star review
I love how the studio makes exercise an easy, daily addition to my busy schedule. Lauren's classes are positive, motivational, and effective!
Sierra Christensen gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
TSYT has become my lifestyle. Every pillar is so fulfilling. Nothing could stop me from joining TSYT, it's the perfect program for all. As you can practice any where anytime. My husband says I have changed from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, my hair is thicker, my body way leaner, I actually have a waist, and my confidence in myself has grown taller too! Plus I feel a self awareness that wasn't present before LoRox. It deepens with each rolling sequence. The three benefits I've seen/felt are: lean body confidence awareness I recommend TSYT to everyone because it doesn't let you down. It's such a supportive program in every step, your results will be through the roof! Along with your self esteem. Thank you Lauren Roxburgh for creating this lifestyle. I'm in. Forever. Plus I'm telling everyone, my clients ask "Okay what are you doing? You look great!" I text them your website and say "This. Is what I'm doing. Join!"
Gai Russo gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I am really happy I joined the Aligned Life Studio. My morning routine is the rolling and rebounding video for fat burning and detoxing which I had previously purchased. This coupled wit the the matt workout to strengthen my core does meet my needs. However, I need variety and that is what the membership offers me. It has enabled me to mix it up and keep going although I do often return to my staple rolling and rebounding workout. My goal is to lose 14 kg in weight so I have weekend membership to a gym as I think some cardio and weights will assist me in this. I feel a massive improvement in my posture and my body is much more toned. Most of all I love having the positivity that Lauren brings into my home, along with the Californian sunshine! If feels like a spiritual start to the day and the perfect way to get my head into gear, practice gratitude and enables me to make the most of the day ahead. Thank you Lauren!
Sophie Longhurst gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I learned about Lauren’s products through my Pilates trainer. I have been following Lauren on Instagram for months and liked her approached to exercise. I purchased Lauren’s book Taller Slimer Younger with the rollers. I love her approach to health as I am a big fan of Pilates. I have found following Lauren’s exercises I find relief to my lower back pain. I also like the exercises make you feel longer and have better posture.
Mary Lou Donahoe gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
This is the best video series for my optimal health. I found out about Lauren through the Goop website. I was interested because my strength trainer incorporates foam roller workouts. However, after watching Lauren's videos, trying them out, I have received far more benefits than my trainer. If I only have time for a 10 minute roll, or longer, I have that option through the Align Tribe videos. I am 58 years old, I feel stronger, leaner, and have less pain through rolling and using the rebounder. Lauren explains every aspect of the exercise, so while you're doing it, you are understanding and feeling the benefits. I cannot be more thrilled to have signed for the Align Tribe, and it's a part of my daily, and sometimes twice daily rolls!
Diana Ball gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I originally began foam rolling about 6 months ago when I bought Lauren Roxburgh's book 21 day to TSY. I couldn't believe how much better I felt in just 21 days, so I decided to do the 10 week challenge. I couldn't believe the overall change I saw in my body and my mental state. When I heard about the subscription service I didn't even hesitate in signing up! I love the variety of videos. The travel roller videos I really loved because I can do them any where. I love the morning sequences and the night time roller sequence which really help me start and end my day. The variety helps me keep it exciting and allows me to choose what I feel like targeting on that day. I thought the price might be prohibitive, but was happy to see that it was well under what a gym membership would cost and you can't beat working out at home when you have kids and a job. Since I've started my foam rolling journey I am definitely more centered and my body has definitely become TSY!
Susana Martin gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
What I love most about the Aligned Life Studio is the variety of content, rebounding, rolling for stress or certain areas or just all over. Nothing could have stopped me from going the Aligned life Studio except maybe a $1000 price tag. The one big result I see and feel are peoples reactions. My husband says I have never looked better and my clients say you look incredible and your vibe has never been better. The three benefits I see and feel are: 1, I weigh 12-15 lbs less 2. I have more energy. 3. I am more positive and grateful. I recommend the Aligned Life Studio to anyone looking to improve their life and those around them. It's way beyond losing weight. As the happiness I've found with LoRox self care methods I feel like I extend the same reactions to my family friends and my clients. Thank you for creating the Aligned Life Online Studio, I use it daily. I really don't know where I'd be without it.
gai russo gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
Amazing! I am a certified In Pilates, Lauren’s method has helped me regain connection to my body. I found Lauren 4 years ago and I was hooked. Focusing on the fascia has been life changing for me. I highly recommend! Her streaming library is well thought out. Excited for more content!
Erin Douglass gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I have absolutely loved Lauren Roxburgh’s foam rolling videos! I had 4 of her videos that I would rotate through. I am so excited to be able to access more with her Aligned Life Studio! Lauren’s sequences have helped me with pain in my hips and shoulders. It is the perfect cross training tool. Lauren’s authenticity truly comes through in both the videos and her studio Page. The subscription is such a value for all the videos you have access too. Plus getting advice from Lauren and others in The Aligned Tribe! I would highly recommend!!
Shellie Smaha gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
I have been rolling with Lauren since her first book came out and it was life changing, my workouts improved so much, my flexibility increased and my migraines also improved (this would make it all worth it by itself to be honest!). The Aligned Studio is a step further, already plenty of videos that address different needs and tools. I love that there are videos with the travel roller, which is an amazing tool not only when you are away from home. There are shorter and longer videos and also a long bouncing workout (hope more of those are coming!). Also the videos have awesome quality and are a pleasure to follow. If I could ask for something it would be weekly plans.
Chiara F gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
Lauren is the secret to a pain free life. For years I’d had hip pain coming and going and nothing made a difference. I tried giving up exercise, I tried different types of exercise. I ate anti inflammatory. Nothing took away my hip pain until I discovered Lauren. Now my husband and I roll every day because who doesn’t want a message every day. Lauren will make your body feel great like a kid again. She will take away all your aches and pains and make you feel like perfection.
Kimberley Handley gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
This workout is perfect for me. I love the variety of videos to choose from based on the amount of time I have. I’m currently on the road for the holidays with my travel roller and it’s been great to have access to the workouts using the travel roller - again a variety. It’s simply perfect for me and I look forward to my workout each day. Thank you!!!
Jenny Fahey gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review