• Lauren Roxburgh

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I absolutely love Lauren's program. It has completely changed my body for the better. I have recommended the program to nearly everyone I know. I have always enjoyed physical activities and exercising. I cannot explain it, but this is the best my body has ever responded to an exercise regimen. I have more tone, more energy and less overall tightness throughout my body.
Jessica Lanter gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
Working the fascia is the future of exercise! If you’ve tried different sports, exercise tecniques or methods like me, I can tell you nothing is going to make you love, feel and understand your body like Lauren’s programme. Pain is a thing of the past once you get the grasp on how to use the roller. It teaches you how to avoid the postures of your everyday life that cause you pain, and how to fix it in a few days -or even hours- once it’s there. You will not regret buying the programme!
Anaid Varela gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review
This past summer I threw my back out by simply getting out of bed. I searched online for back exercises to relieve my pain and that is when I first discovered Lauren Roxburgh. One article about her method lead to another and then to YouTube videos, to her website and then to the best workout ever. Rolling & Rebounding with Lauren has changed my life. The 10 week TSYT has been an amazing experience helping to reshape my body, calm my mind and have more love and gratitude for myself and others. Her instructions are simple and informative. I loved the TSYT program so much I've done it twice so far and look forward to starting it all over again. Her method is the best way to start and end the day everyday. Lauren is a genius!
Lynne Nepus gave Lauren Roxburgh a 5 star review