Life Fulfilled!
gai russo gave Lauren Roxburgh 5 stars
What I love most about the Aligned Life Studio is the variety of content, rebounding, rolling for stress or certain areas or just all over. Nothing could have stopped me from going the Aligned life Studio except maybe a $1000 price tag. The one big result I see and feel are peoples reactions. My husband says I have never looked better and my clients say you look incredible and your vibe has never been better. The three benefits I see and feel are: 1, I weigh 12-15 lbs less 2. I have more energy. 3. I am more positive and grateful. I recommend the Aligned Life Studio to anyone looking to improve their life and those around them. It's way beyond losing weight. As the happiness I've found with LoRox self care methods I feel like I extend the same reactions to my family friends and my clients. Thank you for creating the Aligned Life Online Studio, I use it daily. I really don't know where I'd be without it.