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Richard King selfie
Gerald and his team are definitely 'Facebook wizards'. After reviewing the ads setup by the team, it's very clear a lot of background research had been completed. The ads have performed very well - with more optimisation I do believe the ads are going to perform fantastically. Communication with the team was also great throughout!
Richard King gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Michael Tougher selfie
We were struggling to gain conversions for our pre-orders on indiegogo through Facebook ads. From starting to work with Gerald and his team, we very quickly gained high return on investment. Great communication and understanding.
Michael Tougher gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Rafael  selfie
Great ad agency. No need to get big New York ad agency, this agency is just as effective. Great work and we plan to use them again and again
Rafael gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Nick Kullin selfie
Gerald and the Mission Protocol Team were 5*****! They were so efficiently and deliver solid results for anyone looking to have a great Facebook backend team to manage their Facebook ads account
Nick Kullin gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Mahoto  selfie
What I like about Gerald are the following: 1. He walked me through the slides using skype while sharing his computer screen. This allowed me to ask questions on the spot and fully understand his thinking process and logic behind the marketing strategies he made for us. 2. He asked me an immediate feedback after completing the delivery, while my memory is still fresh. 3. After seeing my feedback, he offered an additional research and a presentation giving some insight into a specific field I had no understanding about before. If I hadn't gotten the survey from him, I would have just ended the job without getting the deeper insight of the market. 4. Great communication skills. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. In summary, he is defiantly a five start contractor and highly recommended. Thank you, Gerald. And as I said, I will get back to you when we implement some of the strategies you made for us!
Mahoto gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Lior Weinstein selfie
Great Facebook Ad management guys!
Lior Weinstein gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Justin Morgan selfie
Gerald Chan has a high level of marketing skills. His ideas on branding and cohesive marketing strategies are second to none! Having the opportunity to work closely with Gerald on a successful campaign, I fully endorse Gerald as an essential and effective part of any winning team!
Justin Morgan gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Angelo  selfie
Working with Gerald and his team was a pleasure. They are very skilful and nice people (something very rare to find). He's an expert in Facebook advertisement and I will definitely hire him again. A+
Angelo gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Great advertisers, responsible and always available!
Christian Iff gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Gerald has been delivering world class results using revolutionary chat bot strategy. I have tried many different team to help with my SaaS startup but none of them are able to get me scalable sales. When Gerald took over the campaign, unlike other consultant Gerald try to understand customer journey and learn about the market. I just wish every consultant that I hired here as attentive and details as Gerald, and making sure client success. Will definitely hire again!
Roman M gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Gerald and his team at Mission Protocol are experts in their field and absolutely lived up to expectations going above and beyond to help analyse our needs, set up campaigns, test and analyse again to improve. Great to be on concalls with several peoplefrom the Mission Protocol team and get all your questions answered when needed. Will definitely rehire soon to continue to optimise our campaigns that are now running! Thanks guys!
Sarah Minskat gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Working with Gerald and his team has been an absolute pleasure. When we look for agency, our philosophy is to hire an expert, tell them what we want, then step back, listen to their advice, and adapt plans accordingly. It seems so simply, but so many people simply fail to listen to and trust the people they hire. Gerald and team have not let us down. They have been able to lower our CPAs while accomplishing other side goals, all with minimal input on our end. Gerald and his team were also able to do something that not many agencies/advertisers do: identify and communicate profitable opportunities, and then execute and test in a methodical manner. Our only wish is that every freelancer and agency we work with could be as available, transparent, and competent as Gerald and his team
Peter Gold gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Gerald and his team have been extremely efficient in the task, over delivering regarding my initial expectations. They are truly experts on Facebook reporting and AD strategy. Will hire them again!
Pablo gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Thank you great fast action and look forward to working with you on phase 2 of our facebook campaign.
Leon Streete gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
I've done a lot FB campaigns for my clients, I hired Gerald and his team to help save me some time. So I can say from the perspective of someone who knows what they're doing - Gerald and his team definitely know their stuff
Barry gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Lloyd Irvin gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Gerald and co are first class. Communication was great, always available on skype. They worked with our re-targeting ads and got really low CPAs, always tweaking and testing. Only pausing the contract because I am awaiting some new content in January first, but will surely rehire when it's ready to roll
Joe L gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Enjoyed working with Gerald and his team. Just wasn't ready to execute the ads yet. Will revisit in 2017
radhika gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Gerald is an AWESOME person to work with He is very competent for any advertising task. His tons of experience help me a lot to find the right niche and audience for my ecommerce store. Having a contractor who master Facebook advertising definitely help my business
Romuoald gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review
Gerald and his team are really great at Adwords, we started gettting conversions a few days after his team took over. Will be working with Gerald and his team again for our other PPC campaigns, highly recommended professionals.
Mario A gave Mission Protocol a 5 star review