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Thank you Dr Chan at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Thank you Syalox300. I’m at the age of late 40s’ and am very active in doing Zumba, Yoga and other exercises. During the exercise I do feeling some pain on my left knee joint and I am hearing clicking sound when walking up stair. My friend referred me to see Dr Chan for some advice and Dr Chan recommended Syalox300 to me for trying. After 1.5 boxes of Syalox300, I am feeling better on my knee joint and the clicking sound no longer there. Julia Singapore
Julia gave River Pharma Asia a 5 star review
I’ve been suffered from joint pain for many years, until recently my friend recommended me of this Syalox 300 Plus. I’ve been consuming for 3 boxes of this supplement and found that the pain in my knee get improved over the time. Hopefully this will be the solution to cure my joint problem, will be continue to consume and monitoring the result.
Hanny gave River Pharma Asia a 4 star review
I had reconstructed my ACL twice and had been taking collagen and glusocamine supplement until I was introduce to Syalox 300, was given a box to try out by a Friend and was initially quite skeptical, but after 10 days, I can feel the differences especially when climbing the stairs. Now back at playing Football twice a week
Jianping gave River Pharma Asia a 5 star review
I bought this wrinkle cream for my mom because she has sensitive skin but it dries out easily. I was surprised to see the results. She has been using this a little while now and I have noticed the difference in her skin as far as firmness and reduction in lines and wrinkles. She has realised this too. Not only has it helped but it moisturizes really well so less problems with dry skin. She likes that she gets to see the changes without it feeling greasy at all like other creams she has tried. She said her skin feels so much healthier.
Alexandra Claudia gave River Pharma Asia a 5 star review
Syalox has been a miracle for my osteoarthritis which had crippled me both physically and on the pain front. I am now pain-free and mobile only after a months trial and highly recommend this supplement.
Helen gave River Pharma Asia a 5 star review
This product did not deliver the results that I expected. Good product / fantastic packaging
Aina Veiby gave River Pharma Asia a 4 star review
I am 36, a single mom of have 3 kids, with a full-time career going on and not resting like I should. All that plus genetics brings me to puffiness and dry tired skin. I find this really works well by itself or under my concealer. I my underage area was firmer and wrinkles lessened, softened as if I got decent rest...and I hadn't lol
Randi Helene gave River Pharma Asia a 5 star review