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Bought this for my husband and he loves it! It works so well to shave his head and he has been so happy with it.
Meredith gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I have been follicly for 20+ years, I am always on the lookout for something to make haircuts quicker and cleaner. The Pitbull takes all of about 60 seconds every other day. I don't have to pull out the mirror, clippers, drape to catch the mess. I simply pull out the Pitbull, run it across the head for a minute and I'm done. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the close blad, shave look.
Dale gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
After one shave with SkullShaver, I'm very satisfied and confident that the product will hold up. I was worried it would irritate my skin due to the closeness of the shave, but it didn't really. The best part is how quick you are able to shave your entire head!
Benjamin gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I bought the Pit Bull Platinum about 3 weeks ago. I have been using it every other day since I received it. I love this product. It gives me a close shave in half the time my old razor did. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Erik gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I have used my Skull Shaver Pitbull for four shaves (2 wet shaves with shaving creme and 2 dry shaves). My natural baldness sure to age leaves me with only horse shoe hair around the perimeter of my head. I shave my whole head and face. After four shaves, my razor reports 80% battery remaining. I love the close shave my Pitbull gives. The cleaning and maintenance of my Pitbull is ready after the shave. My head and cheeks feel smooth. I personally like the dry shave experience better. It seems easier to feel where I still need to shave and I do not have to rinse the razor as often. (for a dry shave, I have only rinsed after I am finished) I began shaving my head the weeks ago. I was using another brand electric razor with three heads before I purchased the Pitbull. I had just replaced the heads so they are new. While I was reasonably satisfied with my old razor, I bought the Pitbull because it has more razor heads (5) and it was on sale for the holidays.
Jon gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I've had the Pitbull Gold for 3 weeks now, and I'm finally learning how to use it. Does a great job on my head . . . not as close as a blade, of course, but extremely close and pain-free, unlike blades. There is a learning curve, but once you get used to it, it's fast and cuts close. Remarkable battery life! All in all, a perfect tool for head shaving.
Gregory gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I always wanted to shave my head, skull shaver made the task so easy. I love this product and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested.
Warren gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I love it! Even took the shaver to a few friends and chit chatted with them while using it!!
Doug gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Very nice improvement over previous model I used.
Walter gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I've used it every couple days wet-shaving with shaving cream. It takes less time to shave, but that time is lost again in maintaining the shaver and going over missed spots under my bony jaw with a classic razor: after rinsing the blades in sink water, I like to quench the Skull Shaver blades in alcohol, then plug it in and suspend it to dry. Still, I like my head shaved so this is a better constant look instead of irritating my scalp once every week or two- where I'd have to drag the clippers out, shear my head and clean up with a foam and classic razor.
Matthew gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Love being able to shave my head and face all in one and having the confidence of knowing I didn’t miss a spot!
Cary gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I could use it anywhere and anytime and I don't worry about Nixle Cuts anymore
Jose gave SkullShaver a 4 star review