From Skeptic to Fanatic!
Mack Burnett gave Skull Shaver 5 stars
Mack Burnett  selfie
I saw a commercial for this device during the superbowl and I admit, I was skeptical. This is a problem that I have because my hair grows way too fast. I have to cut my hair every other day to keep it clean. I've tried other balding shaver, different systems and blades. None were something that could keep up with my lifestyle or that was easy to manage. I would also need a ton of time that I don't have as a busy professional and most importantly... I WOULD MAKE A MESS! The Skull Shaver has fixed all of that. It literally takes me 5 minutes with some shaving cream and then I rinse and go. It took me a while to get a hang of it, but 30 days in I'm a pro. Even though I use it every other day, I only charge it like once every two weeks or so when I remember or it gets really low. Another bonus is how smooth I can shave my face. I didn't buy it for that, but my girlfriend loves it. This is the solution that I've been looking for. I'm just sorry it took me so long to find it.