Samuel gave Skull Shaver 5 stars
I was someone who has always cut my hair with clippers, my hair began to thin and figured this was a good time to transition to bald. The skull shaver takes sometime to get used to but is super useful. I have been utilizing it for about a month and I like it. I typically use it in the shower with regular shaving cream and then touch up a couple spots in the mirror. I seem to always have a hard time getting around my ears. Either way I typically use it every other day or three days and it does the job perfectly. It is useful and quick. I have never used a razor to shave my head and now I never will. I recommend it. I did get shave bumps on the lower back part of my head but that went away after a few weeks of continued use. I would recommend washing hair, apply shaving cream, shave, wash head again. This process as left me with no shave bumps back there now. Goodluck.