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Steven Creighton gave Skull Shaver 5 stars
Skullshaver asked me to write a review of their product shortly after I purchased it, just like every other customer. I scoffed and said to myself that I would write a review after I've used it for a while, under different situations. So far, I've used it right out of the shower, just after I've gotten out of bed, just before noon, right after using my hair clippers to trim a weeks worth of growth, and two days after using it previously. In all cases, it worked amazingly. I find the best use is every second day to keep the clean shaven look and minimize stubble catching on clothing/ hats. This would probably be more often needed if you have thicker hair. I was especially surprised that it worked so well with my very fine hair. I've used it probably ten times so far, and it still has 70% charge from when I got it. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to do my head, and the cleaning they recommend is easy and quick. This is by far the better solution then using a razor.