I Love the Skull Shaver!
Steven Reynolds gave Skull Shaver 5 stars
I like to shave my head, however it has always been a daunting task. Razor burn, cuts etc. So long story short, I never cut it as often as I should. I tried other shavers over the years and was never impressed until this past week. My brother bought a Skull Shaver and raved about it. This is coming from a dedicated head shaving guy that was a razor purist! He was totally against the idea of an electric shaver, however he got one from his kids as a birthday gift so he had to try it out! He was so blown away by it that you would have thought he was on the payroll for Skull Shaver! He made me try it... Well that was it! I was sold! I liked it so much I offered to buy his right then and there! Sadly he would not part with his best birthday present ever! I just placed my order for the Pitbull Silver, He had a Bald Eagle and it was awesome, after reading reviews I am understanding that the Silver is even better than his! I can't imagine how it could be better! I should know soon though!