• 4.8

Better than other electric shavers | Good for Bald Shave
Great for a bald shave! So, if you are considering buying this to shave your head totally bald and you are currently using something similar to that, then go ahead because shaving your head with this is a much more pleasant experience than a razor or other electric shavers.
Kylo Cooper gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Easy to hold & Easy to Use Shaver.
The shape of this shaver is well-designed. It fits my hands easily and just takes a few minutes to get the sexy bald look.
Daniel Hudson gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Super fast Shipping | High Quality Shaver
This product is of higher quality than I expected and the shipping was fast! Totally surprised at how fast this shaver works and the close shave I get from it! I’ll definitely be buying more products from the skull shaver!
Bran Williams gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Skull Shaver offers smooth and comfortable shave.
This skull shaver electric shaver offered a smooth, comfortable shave, at a very reasonable price. I had a very bad experience with all the other previously used electric shavers. I pretty much quit shaving my neck and shave the rest of my face. After buying this electric shaver, I could finally shave my neck again. This shaver does not cause bumps, as long as I don't use it inappropriately. Great innovation!
Kate Mathew gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
My wife loves Bald Guys & she's happy with Pitbull Shaver.
I ordered this under my wife's pressure, but I assure you I'm the guy who has been using this product happily. I'm the guy who doesn't like shaving my head, but I'm married to a woman who loves bald guys. So to make her happy I was using some cheap trimmers and sometimes razors. But they all were disappointing, neither she was satisfied with my looks, nor I was happy as every time I used to scratch my head. So after searching a lot of online and offline stores, we ordered it, This electric shaver is comfortable on my skin every time I use it. I felt like a new man. I'm happy and most importantly the wife is too!
Madison gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
The best!!!
My husband loves his skull shaver!! He walks around the house doing it and it takes no time.
Kelly Clark gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Good for the frequent travellers
While I was traveling on a business trip, I carried this electric shaver but forgot to pack the USB Cable. I was surprised to see its battery life. At first, I was disappointed and worried about arranging a USB cable at 4 in the morning. It was only 12%% charged when I started using it. That 12% charged battery allowed me to shave my hands, underarms, and legs smoothly and gently, without causing any skin irritation. And even after that, it has battery remaining.
Maria gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Pitbull Platinum electric shaver is a great product at effective price.
DAVIS MILLER gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Value for money product
When I received this product, at first I was happy to see its compact design. Then, I used this product while taking a shower. The water resistance feature of this product made me super happy. Overall, it's a value for money product.
ANDREW TAYLOR gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Highly Satisfied with my purchase.
I liked the innovative design of this electric shaver. It took just 5 minutes to clean my head and give me the perfect bald look. Satisfied with my purchase.
Oliver Brown gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Best Electric Shaver for Bald Men
This is a good balding shaver. I've tried other balding shavers over the years. But this one is the best electric shaver for bald men to shave their heads. I appreciate its handiness and compact look.
Mason gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
I am very pleased with my pitbull gold. I get the smoothest shave when I do a wet shave with foam. This shaver is the best shaver that I have owned.
The delivery of my shaver was faster than I expected.
Chase Shuping gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review