• 4.8

FINALLY! The last shaver I’ll ever need.
Hands down NO contest best shaver period.
Kody Meginnes gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
I loved it ?
Edward Yerena gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Best from all other electric shavers I've ever used
A great product at an economic price. This electric shaver is best from all the razors and shavers I’ve ever used. Thanks, Skull Shaver for this great innovation.
Bronx gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Protects your shaver from dents and scratches
The case is dustproof and water resistance. This helped me to protect my favorite Pitbull shaver from bumps dents and scratches.
Rosalie gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Easy to carry while travelling.
Pitbull Shaver is very compact and light-weighted. You can easily carry it while traveling. And the shaving results are just awesome! My skin is very dry but this shaver leaves no skin rashes. Good Product.
Jason Lewis gave Skull Shaver a 4 star review
A lot of upgrades
I have been using Bald Eagle shaver for the last 2 years from this company. I heard about Pitbull Pro a few months ago and waited until now. this is a big upgrade. Almost everything about this shaver is superior to my previous shaver. It cuts much deeper. Wet shave is a pleasure. I don't feel any difference in closeness between shaving with manual razor or Pitbull Pro. I never like nicks and cuts. So, this was really good experience. Another impressive improvement is in its new cleaning system. That was one thing I did not like in the old model. I usually rinse in Rinse Stand as I do my wet shave. Usually that is good enough to keep blade clean and sharp. However, this one is so easy to open the blade assembly to do a thorough cleaning once in a while. Price can be a little cheaper but I am OK with it. Shaving is a true pleasure now.
Sean Johnson gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Ease to hold, use and clean
This shaver is incredible. My husband is on a blood thinner. I had to help him shave because he was too weak to do it since I have never shaved a face this was a daunting task. I did it once with the razor and then ordered this electric shaver based upon his friend’s recommendations. The shave was as close as the razors shave. He now shaves with no fear of cutting himself. For anyone needing an electric shave to go for this one. By the way, it’s super easy to clean too.
Marie Wilson gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Very Innovative
I always thought that I can do my own simple haircut if given the right tool. Finally Beast Clipper is the product I have been waiting for. It does an amazing job on my hair cut. I am partially bald. It takes me only 10 minutes a week to do a perfect hair cut that I need. No driving to barber, no waiting for barber, all money and time saved. It is really great. To top that I can do my beard trimming better than any previous trimmer. I thought price was a little high but the savings I will get, I am totally thrilled.
Jay Singh gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Nice Product
Nice Products
Balveer Kumar gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Head Feel Apart after little use
I am a women with Chemo induced permanent alopecia. What little hair I have is very fine and sparse. The Shaver itself is great! Easy to use and much better than clippers. The Three stars comes come the customer service. The shaver head - one of the five little shavers on the head fell off it my hand after 18 light uses. After two emails I was give a 10% off code but not explanation on why the head fell apart or how many uses I can expect to get from a head. I am locked into the shaver after spending 200 dollars. With such light use I would have expected much longer life for the head. I asked that the issue be elevated and have not heard back from them. I assume that is the last I will hear.
Christina Biddle gave Skull Shaver a 3 star review
Worth every Penny!
This electric shaver is worth every penny. It works super great and a very good shaver for hands, legs, and body. Go ahead and buy it! You’ll be happy with the purchase.
Christina gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Brilliant ? ? so easy!
Does what it says on the box.
Oliver Bradburn gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review