• 4.7

Works on head okay but doesn’t work on facial hair , pulls & rips hair.
This shaver doesn’t work on facial hair!!!!! My 10 year old shaver does a better job
Bill Visci gave SkullShaver a 2 star review
Fantastic product..... I received the platinum skull shaver and beast clippers- both works better than expected! Battery life is great, shave my entire head in minutes... I was worried about razor burn or bumps- but a close shave with no irritation. This is way better than standard razor. Very glad I decided to purchase.
Kelly Gantt gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Just as good as I hoped
I bought this hoping that it was as good as everyone says. I'm not disappointed. It is well balanced, easy to hold, and does a nice job on my head. There's no easier way to shave your head.
Melissa Prescott gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Good but does not and restart immediately
It is a great shaver, except after you clean it as instructed under what or in it cleaning holder, it will not run again until it has had a chance to dry out. I find very annoying and dishearting for the price and the way the product was advertised. Maybe there is more to cleaning then I am reading or trying. That part of the shaver is a total misleading statement and very frustrating.
David Shaver gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
Great product . But It took 6 days when choosing priority shipping so that part was frustrating. So I feel I wasted 27$ on shipping. I could have ordered the same product and paid 11$ on Amazon and received it 2 days sooner than ordering directly from the company’s website.
Anthony Fabrizi gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
I’ve tried several different different methods/machines for shaving my head, and nothing is as easy and efficient as the skull shaver. I have a pit bull gold, and recommend it to all of my fellow head-shavers!
Anthony Fortuna gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Great shaver!!!
Harry Rudisill gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
My Pit Bull is awesome
My first shaver was the Bald Eagle. Upgrading to the Pit Bull was a no-brainer. It's larger head is great and provides the closest shave possible without a razor blade.
JON PRUITT gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
This is AWESOME!!!! I purchased two Trinity SS I shavers, one for me and one for my brother and we have been smooth up top for the last two weeks! Ive been spreading the word about this awesome product!!!
Great Product!!!!!!
Bronze Law gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Best wet/dry shaver out there! No need to look any further
Stop looking for another shaver. Hands down best on the market! Customer service outstanding!
Michael Lawrence gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Excellent service, easy to use website, and tremendous product.
Andrew Smith gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The 3 head replacement blades for with the Trinity shaver work best for shaving my head and face. They do an excellent job in a few minutes.
Gregory Evelyn gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Was excited until...
I got the sale email literally 2 days after I purchased my razor. I still would have purchased the shaver I did, it still seems like the best option for price, but would have gotten the free manicure kit. The shaver itself, seems OK. When they say rinse often, they mean OFTEN. Even then there was gunk in the blades that had to be flushed out under the tap. The shave is OK, not wet shave close, but great for quick maintenance. I’ll still use a regular razor for special events and such. It is basically the same as any electric razor with about the same results. Make sure you get one that can go in the shower!
Rand Bodily gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
Good product.
Kevin Cox gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Outstanding shave and w/o rash. Quick and easy
cleans up great and very close
Jim Boggess gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
I'm very happy with the skullshaver it doesn't irritate my skin and leaves a very clean shave
Hector Padilla gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The second time around!
This is my second Skull shaver from this company. I enjoted the first and gave it to my brother, then regretted doing it. Getting my new one, along with the manicure set made mt smile gererously. The added bonus, it works in the shower too. This is excellente; I love it!
Philip Carey gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Bald Eagle shaver replacement head
I am very pleased with my replacement head for my Bald Eagle. It restores it to like new status. The order arrived in just a couple of days. Excellent product and service.
William Lyons gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I came fully charged and ready to go and as good as advertised.
Dennis Hough gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
This razor is sooooooo amazing. It is better then they describe. I shave my head every day. I bought the gold skull shaver, blades seem to last for ever. I clean mine after every use and 1 year later I felt it was time to replace. I went on line to order replacement heads, 4 days later my order shows up and skull shaver sent me a complete manicure kit !!! I was blown away. Thank you very much. For any of you that any any doubt about trying this razor, DO NOT doubt this technology.
Thomas Tener gave SkullShaver a 5 star review