• 4.8

So glad I found this. Extremely happy!
Best birthday present I've ever bought myself!
DUSTIN WARD gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Jay Figliolino  selfie
Great product
Jay Figliolino gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Very Good shave NO More nicks will never use another razor blade.
Anderson Nash  selfie
Anderson Nash gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
New Review
Douglas Habicht gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Great Father’s Day gift!!!
Kim gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Amazing Shaver!!
Rickey  selfie
This shaver is amazing if you want to stay bald. I have to keep my head shaved or it does not look good. I use this in the shower every other day and it keeps it pretty darn smooth. I researched every shaver and even called and talked to someone at skull shaver. They were great to talk to with great customer service.
Rickey gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
great shavers
Jeremy Platson  selfie
the site is fairly easy to navigate, the shavers are very nice, blades last a good while even doing my whole head and face! Good product and customer service experience has been great as well!
Jeremy Platson gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
My pitbull gold shaver is worth it's weight in gold.
Josh Lehman  selfie
I absolutely love this shaver. It completely revolutionized shaving for me. I shave my head and face every 2 days. Takes me about 5 minutes and I'm smooth. Zero skin irritation. I get about 12-14 shaves per charge. If this one ever does on me, you better believe I'm buying another one.
Josh Lehman gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
E Robert gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I love my skull shaver I
Walter Griggs  selfie
I love my school shaver I was spending 50 bucks a month on razors let alone shaving cream it took me a minute to get used to an electric razor because I’ve never used one but after two or three days of using the school shaver is just as if I had used a regular razor and cream I haven’t used it in the shower yet with shaving cream but I plan on it
Walter Griggs gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Silver is just right
Jeremi  selfie
The most convenient close shave ever. It doesn't get as close as a straight razor or blade first pass over; but neither of those allows me to shave as quickly with little set up. It is way easier to travel with the pitbull than with a blade. For bald brother on a budget the silver is the best way to go Clearly if you need more don't rate this low, shell out some more money and get the gold or the platinum.
Jeremi gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Keith Deruelle  selfie
I used to use a blade, I saw the Face Book add, decided to try, I am absolutely delighted.. Good close shave and no cuts, what more could you want, I use it everyday..
Keith Deruelle gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Michael gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Good for comfort, the massage manipulations for clients are excellent! Battery life isn’t great for a barber, but is good enough for personal use only!!
William gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
Robert  selfie
When my wife lost her hair to chemo treatment for her cancer, I thought a good supportive husband would take his hair off. Skull shaver Pitbull Gold made it possible and, it did such a good job at keeping my skull shaved, many people asked me to keep my skull shaved. Alas, my wife's chemo is done so I am growing my hair back (hoping it comes). I still use it for my face and it does a great job there too. Thanks skull shaver for making an excellent shaver and for helping me help my wife. Love the product.
Robert gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The Pitbull Shave is THE best purchase that I made in 2017!!!
Bill  selfie
I have the Pitbull, Gold Shaver; and absolutely love it! It works great with and without shave foam; and I've even used it in the shower. It gives a terrific shave and the blades last for months. The unit charges amazingly quick especially considering that at 100% charge it provides lots and lots of shaves. Switching from shaving my head with a razor to the Pitbull has saved me both time and money. I would highly recommend it.
Bill gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Pretty good shave
I was apprehensive about buying this, but am glad I did. I still have a mostly full head of hair and wasn't sure this would shave it well. It does! Still not a razor close shave, but it's what I was looking for during the week when I shave every 3 or 4 days. Now I get a quick maintenance shave in the shower and I'm good to go!
Sarrena Perry gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Seamless and easy to use. Keeps charge for a long time!
Melissa Richman gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Ive bought the pitbull gold series this is the best shaver for the bald, great design, comfortable on hand, easy to clean.. the best shaver ive ever had so far!
billy luman leonardi gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Awesome Platinum Skull Shaver
I Have two Platinum Skull Shaver one in the car and one in the house just in case I’m in the rush, for years I’ve searched for such a electric razor it did take a dew days to get used to but Now I wouldn’t traded for anything, I have bought for almost every relative I have I’m retired military it Worked for me just waiting for the FREE rinser for me and the family we haven’t received yet but but this PittBull is worth the money ? ? ?
Milt Nieves gave SkullShaver a 5 star review