• 4.8

I received the Gold. The Razor is great but I thought I was supposed to receive the cleaning tank with it but I never received it.
Works great.
Rob gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
Still I just cant believe that i bought skull shaver.Its so easy to use and do perfect job.So happy with product.
Best product for bald,no other machine can beat skullshave.
Vishal gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
This is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made! It’s convenient, no razor burn cuts or nicks, and no mess. I highly recommend this product and have told all of my friends about it!
John gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Brandon gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The Pitbull Skull Shaver is great, but for me I guess the back of my neck is too sensitive it left bumps and I stop using it, other than that it's a great shaver.
Hilton gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
This is a great product!
The skull shaver is a great product. I use it every couple of days while I shower. Using it on a wet surface gives you the cleanest shave. I have never used an electric razor on my face, but now cleanup my face while taking care of my head.
Matthew gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Skull well shaved
I have had the skull shaver for a couple of months now and I love it. it does a great job has an amazing battery and it's just a very cool piece of equipment.
MARK gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
This is a really great product. Easy to use. Quick. If you shave your head I would highly recommend you make this purchase
Michael gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Exactly as advertised, especially smooth shave.
Christopher gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Has exceeded my expectations
john gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I purchased the Pitbull, and as you can probably tell from my review title - it's AWESOME! Gives a close shave in only a few minutes. No more going to the barber for me. I try to shave every day or every other day, but I've even gone 4-5 days without and it's still able to get my head nice and clean - I just need to go over it a few more times than if it's only been a couple of days. No problems whatsoever so far with my shaver, it saves me a ton of money, and is quick and super easy to use and clean. 5 star product!
Jomar gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The best product ever!!
I took the chance with the SkullShaver since they had a money-back guarantee as I was worried due to the cost that it would be that good. I fell in love with it by the second use. It has made shaving my head so much easier and not even a task to worry about. I have recommended it to every friend and person I know that shaves their head. I have needed this for years as it would have saved me lots of high-end razors and countless hours of time lathering up and shaving my head multiple times a week. Now I use my PitBull Gold 3 times a week and it only takes a few minutes to have a nice clean and smooth shave. If you are bald or like to stay bald then this is the one thing to own over anything else. You will never use anything else.
William gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Great shaver
This is the second head shaver that I purchased. I had the Bald Eagle Pro for several years and loved it. When I saw the Pitbull shaver I decided to get it since I was due for an upgrade. I love the Pitbull and recommend it to everyone I know. Keep making great products.
Paul gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
My SkullShaver PitBull Gold Unboxing Video
I received my order last week. I can tell you that my decision to purchase was largely based on on-line reviews and actual feedback and testimonials from friends. I live in the Philadelphia area and the company and brand are getting quite a bit of traction on the radio airwaves. The product arrived within two days. The packaging and materials were well-thought out. I can tell just from initial handling that this is a quality product. The brochures pointed me to video's and walk throughs from what appears to be employees or real users. I am going to spend the next few days watching all of the video's and will follow up to let you know how my Pitbull Gold perfomed through actual shaving.
Edward J. Scott gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Great head shaver!
The Pitbull makes it so easy to shave my head in the morning when I don't have time to whip up some soap and break out the double edge. It is the closest cutting buzzer I have used to date, the battery seems to last forever, and it is super comfortable to use.
Robert gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
David gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
husband loves it - exceeds expectations! Smooth clean shave, convenient to use, cleans with ease!
PATRICIA gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Bought this for my husband and he loves it! It works so well to shave his head and he has been so happy with it.
Meredith gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Absolutely Awesome!
I have been follicly for 20+ years, I am always on the lookout for something to make haircuts quicker and cleaner. The Pitbull takes all of about 60 seconds every other day. I don't have to pull out the mirror, clippers, drape to catch the mess. I simply pull out the Pitbull, run it across the head for a minute and I'm done. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the close blad, shave look.
Dale gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Satisfied and confident, works for people with sensitive skin
After one shave with SkullShaver, I'm very satisfied and confident that the product will hold up. I was worried it would irritate my skin due to the closeness of the shave, but it didn't really. The best part is how quick you are able to shave your entire head!
Benjamin gave SkullShaver a 5 star review