• 4.7

Michael gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Good for comfort, the massage manipulations for clients are excellent! Battery life isn’t great for a barber, but is good enough for personal use only!!
William gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
Robert  selfie
When my wife lost her hair to chemo treatment for her cancer, I thought a good supportive husband would take his hair off. Skull shaver Pitbull Gold made it possible and, it did such a good job at keeping my skull shaved, many people asked me to keep my skull shaved. Alas, my wife's chemo is done so I am growing my hair back (hoping it comes). I still use it for my face and it does a great job there too. Thanks skull shaver for making an excellent shaver and for helping me help my wife. Love the product.
Robert gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The Pitbull Shave is THE best purchase that I made in 2017!!!
Bill  selfie
I have the Pitbull, Gold Shaver; and absolutely love it! It works great with and without shave foam; and I've even used it in the shower. It gives a terrific shave and the blades last for months. The unit charges amazingly quick especially considering that at 100% charge it provides lots and lots of shaves. Switching from shaving my head with a razor to the Pitbull has saved me both time and money. I would highly recommend it.
Bill gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Great product! So quick! skull shaver Gold!
This is an amazing product! I have tried the product dry shave, in the shower and with shaving foam, have to say the shaving foam is the best experience, it’s the closest possible shave! Still not needed to charge yet. So easy to clean and ready to use again in seconds. I cannot recommend this product enough if you are going for the bald head look. I also purchased the rinse stand and travel case and find these great additions to the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold! Highly recommended!
Ricky Krawetz gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Using everyday for since seeing Super Bowl add
I’m loving my shaver nothing on the market works as well as these shavers they are definitely worth the money
Jamel Dickerson gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
This thing is great!!
Like most bald people I’ve been searching for the best and quickest way of shaving my head for years. I’ve tried them all but always ignored SkullShaver because I thought it looked gimicky. I was very wrong, it’s brilliant, it’s fast and it’s clean, I can actually walk around the house as I shave and get stuff done without having to think about mess. When I try to decide if something was worth buying I ask myself if I would buy again if it broke, I would definitely buy this again.
David Richardson gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
It came in today and was 100% charged. I sat right here at my desk and tried it on my face and my head. Works absolutely perfect. I highly recommend it.
Roger gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Exactly as I hoped!
Arrived with a broken head. Customer service sorted and a new one arrived in days. Excellent shave exactly as I hoped.
Mike France gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
I have to tell you, I always hated to shave my head because it took so damn long and the clippers would leave my neck and parts of my head read and irritated. I saw the Skull Shaver and said why not try it. I am never going back to regular clippers again!!! This is amazing, takes 2 minutes to shave my head and it gives you such a clean smooth shave on your head. This is the best thing since sliced bread. You have a devoted customer for life.
Adam Sonenshein gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Best shave from any electric device
I received a Platinum as a birthday gift and was a bit skeptical. I had a Philips OneBlade which I thought did a really good job and was pretty fast (5-7 minutes). I finally tried my SkullShaver and have been blown away by how much closer it cuts than anything else I've tried, and in half the time (or even less). Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new shaver. What's more is that I received great support from SkullShaver when I accidentally lost a shaver head -- they sent me a new one right away.
Avi R gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I gave up shaving my head because it was just too much hassle and it took too long. Not anymore. I purchased the new Pitbull  Gold Plus Head and Face Shaver. Now it's a breeze.  It fits snugly and really comfortably in my hand. It's fairly quiet and it glides smoothly over my head and face.  It gives a surprisingly close shave. I looked really closely in a mirror and I can see it's not quite as clean as a wet shave, but my friend at work said it looks like a wet shave. And my head and face feel really smooth to the touch after I have used it. The five ring blade does the head in seconds and it's really easy to reach the back. And you don't have to worry about missing bits. It covers the whole area with ease. And a 3 ring blade makes it easy to get to all the contours of your face, especially the moustache area. And it's not messy. It keeps all the hair within the blade area. A great bonus. To maintain I just rinse out the blades in 5 seconds using the Platinum Rinse Stand. GREAT!
Stephen Lake gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
The skill shaver is a great product. It gives a quick close shave. Im sold
Sheldon Talton gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Zip, zip, and done!
Steve Baker gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
I am very satisfied with your product
RONALD HURDLE gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Skull Shaved!
I love this shaver. I've had a mustache and/or beard my whole life... Well since I was 15... And been bald for a couple of decades. And this is the best and most convenient razor I've ever used.
Louis Alston gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Love the shaver! Works great
Christina K. Barton gave SkullShaver a 5 star review
Best electric shaver so far
I have used a few different electric shavers for about the last ten years just to see if some new technology can provide an actual razor experience. I will say off all that I have tried, the pitbull platinum is the best one I have used. I will say however, that it is not perfect. The time it takes me to shave my head with the pitbull is about double that of a razor and it's not even close to being as smooth. Numerous passes are required to remove the hair and even after I'm done I still have to use a razor to clean up around my ears and beard. If you are going for a complete clean shaven look and don't have a problem with having a day's worth of stubble feel right after you shave, then this product will be fine. If you want a clean smooth shave, stick to razors. I feel like this company is on the right track and I hope to see them advance the product in the future.
Tyler May gave SkullShaver a 3 star review
I think this is the easiest way to shave my head.
Chris Preisendorfer gave SkullShaver a 4 star review
Awesome product the best head shaver I’ve ever used
Robert Sypher gave SkullShaver a 5 star review