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Butterfly Kiss Shaver is good for old women's too.
I am a 65-year-old lady with sensitive skin. Let me tell you, its for the first time I’ve ever used an electric shaver to remove the hairs. Otherwise, visiting a salon twice a month was the routine I was following since my college days. But after hearing a lot about this product in a family event, I decided to give it a try. It is a great product, easy to use and holds with excellent results. And undoubtedly the woman with sensitive skin can go for it.
Susan gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Gifted to my Dad and he loved it!
I gifted this shaver to my Dad and he uses this to keep his head bald. Now it is very easy for him to keep his head and face shaved clean.
Ammy gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
New to bald head experience
I was contemplating going with a bald head after years of very close hair cuts in an attempt to blend with bald spots in typical spots, on top far head back and circular bald top of back of head. Of course, it wasn’t working. Increase baldness was inevitable. But my great hesitation was with shaving my head with a razor blade. Then on Super Bowl Sunday I saw your Pit Bull commercial. It seemed like s perfect solution. Next I went to your website for more information. The description and customer reviews and videos were persuasive. I purchased your top of the line model. Pit Bull is the perfect solution for me. I am extremely happy the results, a very close shave without using a razor blade.
Bernard Goodwin gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Works Great! Easy to use and close shave
Lou comaianni <lacproperties@me.com> gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Removes hair with ease and just in a perfect way.
I recently bought this Pitbull Platinum head & Face Shaver. It has a nice battery charge gauge and works better than other costly shavers. It shaves comfortably close, whether I use it on a daily basis or haven't shaved in weeks. Every time, this shaver removes hair with ease and just in a perfect way.
Henry Williams gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
mahmood abushaqra gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
This shaver does a good job but will probably have to shave a bit more frequently, but still more than good enough. I use it to shave my head, face, and chest and it does a good job, very smooth. I have some scars & nicks in my scalp, that's why I was extra cautious while using it and it handles them with no problem. I'm able to do my whole head-on less than half of a charge. Good battery and a great product!
Mason Moore gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
It Shaved my whiskers easily.
I was surprised by the shaver’s performance and its relatively low cost. This shaver shaves fast, with less irritation. Even if you shave after a couple of days or even after a couple of weeks, it will shave the whiskers easily.
Bridger gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Nice shaver but not for everyone
The SkullShaver (Pitbull Platinum) is a nice device. Charge lasts for many shaves. Tech is solid. It's great for getting as close as you can get without a razor (but a razor still gets closer). Ultimately takes just as long (if not longer) to shave using the SkullShaver as using a razor. If you want something as close as a razor that's faster then this is not for you. If you don't want to use a razor then this is a great option.
Keith Bottner <kbottner@gmail.com> gave Skull Shaver a 4 star review
Highly Recommended
I have the Pitbull Gold. I like it alot, it makes shaving my head simple,quick and very easy. I have sensitive skin and it also doesnt irritate my skin at all. I use it for my head and face. I would highly recommend it. My only gripe is about some of the replacement blades, i bought the cr3 blade and it pulled my hair and was very uncomfortable. I used it once and wont ever use it agian. I also bought the baron blade and have no problem with using it but i dont notice any difference between the comfortably or closeness of this blade and the blade that the Pitbull Gold came with(the forte blade). So in hindsight i would skip the baron blade and have nothing the do with the CR3 blade. Besides that i highly recommend the Pitbull Gold with the Forte blade. It pays for itself not having to pay for a barber or deal with nicks and cuts and having a irritated scalp. An ancient chinese proverb i came across in a fortune cookie on, The balding man asked his barber:"Why you charge me full price?"
Michael Rowland gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Love my Skull Shaver!
Mike Hicks <hicks_michael@comcast.net> gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Easily shaved my stubborn hair with ease
I have been having trouble finding a good shaver for years. I have tried safety razors, trimmers, and all manner of disposable razors. I was facing a problem in removing the ingrown hairs under my chin on my neck. And growing a beard made me look like a drug addict (according to my Mom). I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that didn't work for me. This skull shaver electric shaver was a great deal. It was inexpensive enough to gamble on and works well enough that I still use it to this day. It easily cut my stubborn hair with ease. I loved the product!
Mac Louis gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review