• 4.8

I bought the Pit Bull Platinum about 3 weeks ago. I have been using it every other day since I received it. I love this product. It gives me a close shave in half the time my old razor did. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Erik gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Great Shaver
I have used my Skull Shaver Pitbull for four shaves (2 wet shaves with shaving creme and 2 dry shaves). My natural baldness sure to age leaves me with only horse shoe hair around the perimeter of my head. I shave my whole head and face. After four shaves, my razor reports 80% battery remaining. I love the close shave my Pitbull gives. The cleaning and maintenance of my Pitbull is ready after the shave. My head and cheeks feel smooth. I personally like the dry shave experience better. It seems easier to feel where I still need to shave and I do not have to rinse the razor as often. (for a dry shave, I have only rinsed after I am finished) I began shaving my head the weeks ago. I was using another brand electric razor with three heads before I purchased the Pitbull. I had just replaced the heads so they are new. While I was reasonably satisfied with my old razor, I bought the Pitbull because it has more razor heads (5) and it was on sale for the holidays.
Jon gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Pitbulll Gold--super head shave
I've had the Pitbull Gold for 3 weeks now, and I'm finally learning how to use it. Does a great job on my head . . . not as close as a blade, of course, but extremely close and pain-free, unlike blades. There is a learning curve, but once you get used to it, it's fast and cuts close. Remarkable battery life! All in all, a perfect tool for head shaving.
Gregory gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
I always wanted to shave my head, skull shaver made the task so easy. I love this product and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested.
Warren gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
I love it! Even took the shaver to a few friends and chit chatted with them while using it!!
Doug gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Very nice improvement over previous model I used.
Walter gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Saves on scalp irritation
I've used it every couple days wet-shaving with shaving cream. It takes less time to shave, but that time is lost again in maintaining the shaver and going over missed spots under my bony jaw with a classic razor: after rinsing the blades in sink water, I like to quench the Skull Shaver blades in alcohol, then plug it in and suspend it to dry. Still, I like my head shaved so this is a better constant look instead of irritating my scalp once every week or two- where I'd have to drag the clippers out, shear my head and clean up with a foam and classic razor.
Matthew gave Skull Shaver a 4 star review
I bought a bald eagle shaver two years ago, and bought a pitbull to replace it. Notwithstanding the write-up on the website, I didn't find the pitbull to shave any better than my two-year-old bald eagle. I'd certainly recommend the pitbull for a first-time user, but I didn't see any improvement over my old shaver. So I returned the pitbull.
Steve gave Skull Shaver a 3 star review
Love the Convenience
Love being able to shave my head and face all in one and having the confidence of knowing I didn’t miss a spot!
Cary gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
I wish I would of got a long time ago . I LOVE IT
I could use it anywhere and anytime and I don't worry about Nixle Cuts anymore
Jose gave Skull Shaver a 4 star review