• 4.8

Worth every Penny!
This electric shaver is worth every penny. It works super great and a very good shaver for hands, legs, and body. Go ahead and buy it! You’ll be happy with the purchase.
Christina gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Brilliant ? ? so easy!
Does what it says on the box.
Oliver Bradburn gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Very easy to handle and give awesome shaving results
After using razors for years, I finally decided to switch to electric shavers. And I am happy with my decision, also regretting why didn't I took this step earlier. I was facing a hell lot for nicks and handling issues with a traditional razor but this electric shaver is very easy to handle and give awesome shaving results.
Kannon White gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Good Shaver for Head & Face.
This is an amazing product offering extraordinary features. This electric shaver worked very smoothly on my head as well as the face. It is easy to use and clean product.
James Williams gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Pitbull Shaver: Best Gift of my life
I got this as a gift from one of my colleagues. And I must say this is the best gift I ever received. This electric shaver enhanced my bald look as it only takes 5 minutes to give that perfect bald look which girls crave for.
Gabriel gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Highly recommended Shaver
Nice Product! Attractive design, easy to use, and easy to clean too. I have experienced no skin irritation or cuts after multiple uses. Really inexpensive compared to other electric shavers available in the market. I would really recommend this shaver.
Wesley Brown gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Easy to hold and lightweight
I am using this product for the last 3 weeks. This product is doing a great job of removing the hairs. I am using it thrice a week. This electric shaver is very easy to hold as it is lightweight and comes with a nice grip. Overall a nice product.
Davis gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Not impressed.
I gotta give it two stars because it does work, but not nearly as well as they claim. 90 seconds may be a reality if you have fine hair, or shave your head at least 2X in 24 hours, but otherwise I've never been close to 90 seconds. I shave once a day and barely have the back of my head smooth in 90 seconds, let alone my whole head. I also felt I could never get it completely smooth as I could with a regular electric razor (which wasn't the quickest either but at least got my head smooth). Cleaning is not the easiest and doesn't work as the description says or video shows. I did not get the cleaning stand and just used a small bowl to put water in. It never, ever got all of the hair out as I could see it all over the place on the top of the shaving head; if you could take the head apart it could be brushed clean but alas that is not advised and voids the warranty if I recall correctly. Oh, and do NOT drop the head, as it blows apart exactly as you are told not to take it apart.
Bill Larson gave Skull Shaver a 2 star review
Great, but need to get a little closer! any advice?
Mike Kasold <kasold@outlook.com> gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
It's a very 'Good Product'! My Husband really likes it!
Patricia Veselsky <mimi32749@yahoo.com> gave Skull Shaver a 4 star review
Good Shaver for multi-directional shaving
I never liked the last electric shaver I owned 5 years ago - it irritated my skin so I stopped using electric shavers only. For the last 5 years, I was visiting Salons only, to get the shave done. Pitbull Shaver is different. It is very simple to use, upwards to downwards, downwards to upwards shaving is quite easy.
Nick gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review
Good Quality Product that performs as described.
After buying this electric shaver, I do not worry about choosing the dress suiting my waxing situation. As per the dress I choose, this shaver allows me to clean my body hair smoothly and gently.
Jessica gave Skull Shaver a 5 star review