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SwellNoMore is a safe and natural dietary supplement that draws out unwanted retained fluids and reduces harmful inflammation. The product involved over 5 years of research and development to perfect. The proprietary formulation was introduced in 2011, based on hundreds of research reports and studies. Consumer feedback was immediately overwhelming, as this was the first and only natural pill to safely reduce Puffy Eyes, Bloating and Swollen Feet and Ankles.

Works well. only been taking for a week but already seeing results. Will update this review soon.
Stephen Ordon gave SwellNoMore a 4 star review
My crazy water retention caused significant changes in my body throughout the day. I never knew what I was going to get. Even when I changed my diet, the decrease in water retention was not consistent. I was taking turmeric and magnesium but wanted something stronger. When I first starting taking SwellNoMore, I saw a decrease in my swelling. The swelling would come back on and off. After some time I stopped thinking about it. Just recently I noticed I haven't seen any swelling in such a long time! I started seeing these long term benefits after about 3 weeks of taking the pills. It has been wonderful. My body looks and feels completely different. I do not feel self conscious about my legs now. Sometimes I miss taking the pills for a day but the swelling doesn't return. I am so happy to have found this product!!
Tia B gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
This really works! Give this a little time and you will be happy with the results. I am on my third order.
N Fitts gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Recommend - Saw results within two days. Will order more.
Toby gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
After years of suffering from puffiness from allergies, SwellNoMore has been the only anti swelling supplement that works. I take practically every day and have seen significant improvement.
s janiak gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Shipping was fast - came in two days. Just got it and excited to try it!
David Tacomo gave SwellNoMore a 4 star review
I had been experiencing swollen feet recently. I was having a problem wearing my shoes. After only two days of taking these pills my feet seems to be back to normal. I am very happy with the results. I will continue to use them and highly recommended as well.
W. Bryant gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review