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SwellNoMore is a safe and natural dietary supplement that draws out unwanted retained fluids and reduces harmful inflammation. The product involved over 5 years of research and development to perfect. The proprietary formulation was introduced in 2011, based on hundreds of research reports and studies. Consumer feedback was immediately overwhelming, as this was the first and only natural pill to safely reduce Puffy Eyes, Bloating and Swollen Feet and Ankles.

Swell no more is great, I have mild edema and it helps to reduce my swelling pretty quickly. For $30 a month its worth it!
Christine Adair gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
It took a month and a half before I saw my feet and legs were no longer swollen. I must say I was getting discouraged after one month with no changes in my swollen feet and ankles. But, since I ordered 3 bottles, I kept taking 3 pills a day: two after breakfast and one after supper. SwellNoMore is the Mercedes Benz of water retention supplements. After 2 months on SwellNoMore, both organs (thank god) are back to normal size !
C. Hunt gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
I bought this for my fathers back pain and inflammation, which was debilitating for him. I wasn't sure if it would work, but thought it was worth a try since nothing else was working. Within a few days his back was less swollen and the pain was gone. I bought some for my own back pain and it works for me as well!. I Highly recommend it.
Todd Matherson gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
My swelling in my feet is way down, but it took around 4 weeks before I started to see the swelling really start coming down. I also suffer from edema in the hands and legs and this has helped that as well. Overall i recommend this product as I have tried pharma drugs which really made me tired all the time. Hope this helps others.
Jenny Clarke gave SwellNoMore a 4 star review
Today is day three using Swell No More. After suffering get for years wit has swellingredients, it is a miracle. My feet & ankles are normal, no swelling when I wake up in the morning, I have a very little swelling by nighttime. I love lovery this product. I only wish I knew about Swell No More years ago. I have psoriatic arthritis, lots of foot pain, & other health issues. This product is worth every penny. Thank you!
Bonnie Buttars gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Used thissss product for quite a while now and it has helped with the swelling in my ankles immensely! Feel so much better with it and have recommended it to all my friends.
Roseann M. Naber gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
It does what it advertises to do. The swelling in my feet and ankles is substantially less. My doctor said no ' drugs ' used and ok to take.
Robert Powers gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
My left leg was so swelled up I could not put on jeans, I had to wear sweats. I started taking Swell No More Friday night and by Sunday I could fit my leg in jeans. It is still a little large but seams to be going down.
Jeff Mrasz gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
No swelling in 2 months I highly recommend this product
Kathy gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Recommend worked well for me and fast worked in about 2 weeks
Sammy Wontain gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review