Feet and legs are no longer swollen
C Hunt gave SwellNoMore 5 stars
It took a month and a half before I saw my feet and legs were no longer swollen. I must say I was getting discouraged after one month with no changes in my swollen feet and ankles. But, since I ordered 3 bottles, I kept taking 3 pills a day: two after breakfast and one after supper. My doctor prescribed Lasik (foresemide) that I was taking for 2 months before I started to take SwellNoMore with no results. Lasik is medically prescribed for water retention. My doctor didnot care one way or the other since whatever a patient comes in for; they just prescribe medicines to get you out the door with so many patients to see every day. Then, it's up to the patient to find ways to take care of their own condition or just live with it! "Google" ( the internet) is society's best friend since you can lookup any subject 24 hours a day. I used Google and typed in the search window: "water retention supplements". Lo and behold "SwellNoMore" came up as one of the supplements on the results page. A se