• 4.6

Works well. only been taking for a week but already seeing results. Will update this review soon.
Stephen Ordon gave SwellNoMore a 4 star review
My crazy water retention caused significant changes in my body throughout the day. I never knew what I was going to get. Even when I changed my diet, the decrease in water retention was not consistent. I was taking turmeric and magnesium but wanted something stronger. When I first starting taking SwellNoMore, I saw a decrease in my swelling. The swelling would come back on and off. After some time I stopped thinking about it. Just recently I noticed I haven't seen any swelling in such a long time! I started seeing these long term benefits after about 3 weeks of taking the pills. It has been wonderful. My body looks and feels completely different. I do not feel self conscious about my legs now. Sometimes I miss taking the pills for a day but the swelling doesn't return. I am so happy to have found this product!!
Tia B gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
This really works! Give this a little time and you will be happy with the results. I am on my third order.
N Fitts gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Oh my goodness I've only been using this a week and my whole family has seen my legs and cannot believe the results within a week. Normally my legs would be 2 to 3 times their size. I can honestly say this stuff is awesome!
Darla Morris gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Recommend - Saw results within two days. Will order more.
Toby gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
After years of suffering from puffiness from allergies, SwellNoMore has been the only anti swelling supplement that works. I take practically every day and have seen significant improvement.
s janiak gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review
Fast Shipping
Shipping was fast - came in two days. Just got it and excited to try it!
David Tacomo gave SwellNoMore a 4 star review
I had been experiencing swollen feet recently. I was having a problem wearing my shoes. After only two days of taking these pills my feet seems to be back to normal. I am very happy with the results. I will continue to use them and highly recommended as well.
W. Bryant gave SwellNoMore a 5 star review