About the Swell No More Pill -- it works!
wylie reader gave SwellNoMore 5 stars
My experience: Give it a week or so and a seemingly unbudgeable swollen state will deflate day by day. That's the short story. The longer story: Everybody is different, but some may identify with this. Hindsight over a few decades of life shows me that I have a tendency to swelling when under prolonged stress that I can't readily shed (you know, sometimes you just have to "grin and bear it"!). For me, it's noticeable first in feet and ankles (hate that!), then in little mistakes of typing or mental addition, etc. It can continue until your clothes barely cover you, you can't wear your shoes or walk barefoot either one and you ache all over, esp. joints, and you feel like a walrus (I do). Misery! I was in a full-blown episode as described above and decided I needed help 'cause the stress situation wasn't going anywhere for awhile. My doctor was on a well-earned vacation. I was praying for relief when a pop-up ad for the Swell No More Pill popped up in my screen margin. Ah! I saw that th