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We brought our son to Tim back in 2006 when he was six years old. Tim taught Noah ways to control his stutter, creating smoother speech. There was a drastic change. He remained fairly fluent until his high school years. Something clicked where he just became comfortable with how he spoke. Some times were smoother than others but most people would consider him to have a significant stutter. It didn’t keep him from being voted class president, being on the mock trial team, competing in extemporaneous speaking for his school or speaking at his high school graduation. Now as a freshman in college, he is a freshman senator for SGA, runs cross country/track and will be representing his college in speech/debate at nationals where his topic is stuttering. His speech may not be perfect now, but I believe he gained confidence from Tim as well as techniques to improve his fluency. He saw Tim as a fellow stutterer that didn’t let stuttering stop him.
Susan Irwin gave Tim Mackesey a 5 star review