• 4.5

I couldn't believe the amount of fur that came out with this professional deshedding gloves!
My pup was a bit scared off the black glove at first but after a few treats sat reasonably well and I couldn't believe the amount of fur that came out!
Abbe M. gave Travel Pets a 4 star review
A+ for dog grooming - Professional deshedding gloves
Surprisingly different. I feel like I've tried everything for my dog grooming. They have soft fur, it doesn't respond well to other slickers, brushes or expensive de-shedders. I ordered the medium gloves, they are slightly big on my hands, which makes the gloves easy to get on and off. From the first stroke, my dogs clearly loved the feel of the texture. More like a nice scratch and not an abusive rake on their skin. I was shocked by how much hair came off so quickly. They were immediately looking forward to the grooming, instead of merely putting up with it. In addition, the texture on the fingers allows me to get underneath their chin and around to their bellies easily. Excellent product, highly recommends.
James gave Travel Pets a 5 star review