• 4.8

Awesome desk! I absolutely love it! I get so many compliments on it on my stream and people asking where to buy it! I send them all here of course!
Damon Icabone gave Turismo Racing a 5 star review
The King of gaming desks!
Damon Icabone selfie
This is definitely the best desk on the market for the price! 64" wide has all the options ,and LED lights are the coolest ever! Super happy with this purchase!
Damon Icabone gave Turismo Racing a 5 star review
The desk overall is great quality! Feels very sturdy and well put together. The quality of the large mousepad is also very good in quality, but it tend to get a bit dirty since it is that cloth like fabric.
Darin Liu gave Turismo Racing a 5 star review
Everything about this product and the desk that i had purchased is amazing. Its a great quality product and works with everything. Also, the wireless charging pad in the desk works perfectly fine but is sometimes slow at points. But, the led strips are broken. Although that is the only problem, the product still works very well and would recommend this product to anyone!
Ian Shovlin gave Turismo Racing a 4 star review
Absolutely amazing!!! Plenty of room, sturdy....best desk out there!!!!!
Justin Nixon gave Turismo Racing a 5 star review