Mahoto gave White Label 5 stars
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What I like about Gerald are the following: 1. He walked me through the slides using skype while sharing his computer screen. This allowed me to ask questions on the spot and fully understand his thinking process and logic behind the marketing strategies he made for us. 2. He asked me an immediate feedback after completing the delivery, while my memory is still fresh. 3. After seeing my feedback, he offered an additional research and a presentation giving some insight into a specific field I had no understanding about before. If I hadn't gotten the survey from him, I would have just ended the job without getting the deeper insight of the market. 4. Great communication skills. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. In summary, he is defiantly a five start contractor and highly recommended. Thank you, Gerald. And as I said, I will get back to you when we implement some of the strategies you made for us!