11 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Are the Highest Converting Tool/Content Marketing Tool

There are many ways to boost the conversion rates on your official website. You can improve the customer experience, increase the page loading speeds, and make the website functions extremely easy to use for both desktop and mobile users. In addition to these methods, there is another one that has the potential to significantly boost the conversion rates – video testimonials.


Video testimonials serve as a unique social proof that you can share with your audience. With the complete reviews solution that we provide, creating video testimonials has never been easier. We understand if you have seconds thoughts about including video testimonials in your digital offer.


This is why we did our research and decided to share what we’ve found. Here are the 11 reasons why video testimonials are the highest converting content marketing tool.


There Are More Visual Learners Than You Think

The combination of human nature and the access to visual media that has become wide and very popular are the two main reasons that stand behind the popularity of visual content. We can apply the basic logic to video testimonials. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video can definitely help you convey a more powerful and detailed message to your audience.


The research also backs up this statement. In fact, there are more than 60% of visual learners in your audience. If you share video testimonials with them, you will help them find out more about your product or service, and connect with your existing customers.


Ultimately, you will be giving them what they want – video content. This is a great way to not only show them that you are current with the latest trends, that you are not just a company they should buy from, but also a trustworthy partner they should stick with for the years to come.


The latest trends show us that consumers don’t trust the brands the moment they hear about them. Around 85% of online customers look for online reviews and testimonials and read/watch them to see whether the brand in question can be trusted.


Video Testimonials Are Favored by Marketers

If you are struggling to decide whether to add video testimonials to your website, you should take a look at the current state of the marketing landscape. Don’t have the time to Google that on your own? No worries, we’ve got you covered.


Let’s start with the information published on Hubspot. More than 60% of senior marketing executives place their hopes in video testimonials. They think that this type of testimonial, along with infographics and illustrations, is the best way to convey any sophisticated brand story to the audience. At the same time, more than 50% of marketing pros say that video content has the best ROI.


Let’s continue. Did you know that the use of video content in the digital marketing has increased by 73% over the past couple of years? Using customer video testimonials specifically is the most effective marketing tactic according to 89% of B2B marketers.


Let us finish with this – according to Social Fresh, customer testimonials pack the most conversion potential. Their effectiveness stands at an amazing 89%.


Achieve Higher Emotional Intensity

If you want to boost your sales, you should start thinking outside the repeat purchase box. You should do all in your power to inspire people to spread the word about your services or products. The question is – how to trigger word of mouth? The answer hides in your customers’ emotions.


Client testimonials can help you create the spark for an emotional appeal. People build emotional connections with other people and to build this connection between them and your brand, you need to create emotional appeal. This study has revealed that brands that inspire strong emotions receive three times more word of mouth than brands with poor emotional connections with their customer base.


In customer testimonial videos people can see which pain points your product or service resolves. Recognize the emotional response your current customers have and understand on a deep and emotional level why your offer is more attractive than others on the market.


Increase the Performance of Your Email Marketing

While email marketing tactics have the goal of increasing the conversion rate and boosting your sales, emails have a clickthrough rate you’ll have to worry about. First, you have to make people interested in opening the email you’ve sent them, and then you have to design a powerful landing page to turn that lead into a prospective buyer.


There are three metrics that you have to look at, at all times. These are:

  • Email open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • New subscribes/unsubscribes ratio

How can video client testimonials help you with this? Well, they can help you boost the conversion rate on both ends of the email marketing tunnel. In fact, just adding the word “Video” to your email’s subject line will affect all three of the above-mentioned metrics. Read our guide and learn how to create the perfect email to ask customers for video reviews.


According to this study, emails that contain the word “Video” in the subject line have a 19% increase in open rates, 65% increase in click-through rates, and a 26% reduction in the number of unsubscribes. On top of that, since customer testimonial videos can be easily embedded on any webpage, you can build landing pages with customer testimonials to boost the conversion rates at the very end of your lead’s journey.


Did you know that placing a video on a landing page increases the conversion rates by an unbelievable 86%?


This is our next reason for you to include this type of testimonial on your website.


Increase Conversion Rates and Boost Sales

Having the customer click on the Buy Now button is the ultimate goal of all strategies that you implement. Some contribute more and some less to this goal. It appears that video testimonials have the power to influence leads and boost sales.


There are many statistics that can help you verify the boldness of this claim. Positive reviews have the highest impact on the purchasing decision, and 90% of those who read reviews and watch testimonials say that this practice has influenced their purchasing decision.


There is also one interesting trend in the online shoppers’ purchasing behavior. According to this study, online customers who view videos are 1.8 times more likely to purchase the service or product than those who don’t.


Customers also prefer to do a small amount of research online to determine whether the business they want to buy a product from is a good one or not. Is there a better way to help them learn this than offering them brief videos their fellow consumers have created?


The team at Reevoo Stats did their calculations. They have concluded that 50 reviews, textual and video ones combined, result in a 5% increase in conversion rates.


Engage More People on Social Media

Social media marketing is very popular these days. Many companies worldwide use numerous methods to build their social media following, increase their engagement, and keep people coming back for more content, news, and information. But how can something as simple as a video testimonial help you boost your social media marketing efforts?


First, there is the issue of shareability. Not all content that you post will get the same amount of shares. Among all content types, videos are the only one that has true potential when it comes to shares. When compared to posting other content types, videos are 40 times more likely to get shared. They are an excellent way to build chatter around your products and services.


And, secondly, there is the issue of engagement. As you might already know, every social media post consists of some text + image or video. Those posts that include a video create three times more engagement than other post types.


Search Engines Will Love your Website

One of the most important signals major search engines consider when ranking a page is the freshness of content. Now while you can achieve this by regularly posting new and unique blog posts, you can extend this with client video testimonials.


Since our software is easy to use, your customers will be able to effortlessly create videos and send them back to you. Search engine crawling algorithms will see that your website is regularly updated with new and unique content, which will result in higher rankings.


You Will Unintentionally Hit the Right Keywords

To increase your rankings in search engine results pages, you have to target the right keywords. Having this done by professionals is expensive, and if you are running a small or medium-sized business, the chances are that you won’t be able to purchase an ongoing SEO plan.


Naming your video files naturally and using the same words in your video title and alt text will help you reach more customers via search engines. How? Well, quite conveniently any variation of the “your product name” + review/testimonial/rating is a long tail keyword with a high search volume in your niche. This will help you start appearing in more and more search results as time passes and you add more videos to your website.


Since a lot of traffic starts with these long tail keywords you will be able to start picking it up with this simple effort.


People Love to See Product/Service Rating in Search Results

Major search engines support the rich snippets. These snippets appear on the search engine results pages and contain valuable information for online customers. We have recognized this opportunity and have included a rich snippet feature in our ConfidentCustomer solution.


When your web pages appear in search engine results, they will contain a rich snippet displaying the user ratings. This has the power to boost click-through rates by up to 20%. In addition, the leads that you pick up in this fashion will land on a page that has customer testimonials on it. This is a perfect way to help your leads be more informed and enable them to reach the right purchasing decision.


You Have Nothing to Do With Them

Online customers have become very well aware of the tricks companies use to lure them to purchase their products and services. This is why many of them have become distrustful. This especially applies to unsigned descriptions and reviews that we often see on e-commerce and companies’ official websites. Online shoppers trust testimonials and reviews 12 times more than unsigned corporate texts.


The video reviews recorded by your customers in their own home are the ultimate proof that you have nothing to do with them. Your leads and prospects will be able to learn first-hand about the products and services they are interested in. The information comes from their fellow customers. You can boost the effects by including negative testimonials as well.


The Retention Rate Is Significantly Higher

Science tells us that people tend to remember up to 12% of the information after they read a text. On the other hand, people who watch a video remember 95% of the information. There is a simple explanation behind this. Videos trigger an emotional response, and when emotional centers in the brain are activated we unintentionally learn and remember more. Find out more reasons why video reviews outperform written ones every time.


There is another effect that testimonials provide, and that is the storytelling.  Testimonials recorded by the real customers are not boring. They are not made by the popular “this product has this features, it costs this much, and it can be used in this particular way” script.


Each testimony is a story for itself. People purchase products for various reasons and benefit from them in numerous ways. Your prospects and leads will be able to easily learn from and relate to this information better than from any other type. This is why testimonials can help you boost your conversion rates.


These are 11 reasons why video testimonials are the highest converting tool/content marketing tool. You could see that they have a direct impact on your customers but also have the potential to improve your website rankings in search results. This is why testimonials are becoming more popular each day. Want to give testimonials a chance? Use this link to register and start your free trial.