15 Tips to get more sales this Christmas on your Shopify store

Even if you don’t plan to spend every last dollar on Christmas, that’s probably going to happen next Xmas too. The mania called ”Christmas shopping season” is an excellent opportunity for customers to buy everything they need, but also for stores because they will earn everything they didn’t get a chance to earlier this year.

National Retail Federation performed a study which showed that Americans spent $717.45 billion to $720.89 billion during the Holiday sales period in 2017., which is 4.3 and 4.8 percent more than the year before.

Shopify provides a spectrum of different products suitable for gifts. If people want to honor themselves and buy something new for their house, an online store is an excellent choice. Shopping this way is easier because people can just sit on their couch and order online. So, it’s a great season for online store owners.

Getting more sales for the Holiday season isn’t a simple process, though, but these tips might be helpful.


1.                 Marketing

Start a marketing campaign almost two months earlier. After the Halloween season is over, start with Christmas ads. Since you are trying to increase online sell, boost posts over social media. Sponsored posts will be visible to everyone. It’s only necessary to do it early enough.

Don’t forget that shipping might last almost a month. The customers won’t be satisfied if their shipment is delayed.

2.                 Offer free shipping

Free shipping is always a great advertisement, but during the Holiday season, customers will be amazed by your offer. Since people are usually buying a lot of meaningful gifts for their loved ones for Christmas, free shipping is an advantage. Even if the shipping costs aren’t too expensive, the price of shipping for numerous gifts might be high.

Don’t forget that in the middle of December is a National free shipping day. That’s an excellent opportunity for increasing sales.

3.                 Specify the date of delivery

A precisely determined date of delivery before customers even order a product will help them decide to buy from your website. Your website must include a calendar with all the information concerning shipping and delivery. Also, you should add a possibility of tracking shipments. That way your website will appear more serious and reliable.

4.                 Rely on customer reviews

Customer reviews powered by ConfidentCustomer will definitely increase your sales. While recommendations from friends and family are important, 67% of customers spend more time online after reading positive online reviews.

You have surely noticed that a lot of your friends always read reviews before they order something. Since reviews are confirmation that your products are of good quality and reliable, this kind of advertising can only bring good. Integrated customer reviews are a smart business move.

5.                 Add a Holiday card to all shipments

Nothing makes people happier than a nice Christmas card. Sales mainly rise due to recommendations, and since a lot of people who get a card will post a photo on social media, take advantage of this and think ahead. There are many ways to promote your business. The cheap things they get as a gift will make customers return and order again.

6.                 Offer a discount via social media influencers

Nothing will advertise your products quite as effectively as a warm recommendation from those who’ve gained the trust of a lot of people. Influencers are very popular today, so advertising with their help is a great idea. When someone who is followed by thousands of people posts a photo of your product with a discount code, be sure that a part of their audience will actually order your product.

The fact that someone that important is advertising your products is enormous, but a 10 % discount code will attract even more customers.


7.                 Offer a gift with some shipments

Crunch the numbers and use products that didn’t sell well earlier this year as a gift. Determine the limit that must be exceeded and get more sales. Customers will think you are doing them a favor, but that way you’ll earn more. The number of recommendations will increase, which is a good advertisement in itself.

The cheaper gifts would be something like Christmas tree decorations. Tell your customers that a piece of Xmas tree decoration will be added to every shipment. With a note that every order will contain a gift, you’ll immensely increase sales.


8.                 Optimize your website

Be sure that your website works perfectly. No one will buy something on a poorly designed website. Scan your website correctly and remove all broken links and possible errors.

Everything on your website must be transparent and easily accessible. Create categories that might help people searching for gifts. Separate products by target groups, so customers can order gifts for everyone on their list.

9.                 Highlight sales

Highlighted sales will lure more customers. Even if you have a particular category of products with a reduced price, choose another group of products every week and display them on your home page. Also, add holiday-related items which will remind the customers why they are there.

10.                 Change the theme of your website

Change the theme of your website months before the Holiday season.  Make sure your website spreads Christmas vibes. Don’t completely change the theme overnight, but do it gradually. Before December starts, your website must be all about Xmas. That way you’ll remind customers that Christmas is coming soon, so that’s the perfect time for saving up and buying gifts for their loved ones!

Contact your team of graphic designers and let them create something unique.

11.                 Add a countdown banner on your home page

A big and visible countdown banner will get customers to make a quick decision and buy a gift as soon as possible. After customers realize that they don’t have enough time until Christmas, sales will rise in a short period.

Ask your graphic designer to create a unique and holiday-themed countdown banner. Even if customers know that the banner is counting the time until Christmas, a specially created design will create a sense of urgency and wake up their desire for shopping.

12.                 Offer free gift wrapping

Well wrapped gifts are implied. There’s nothing prettier than a Christmas morning and beautifully wrapped gifts around the Christmas tree. Xmas joy is all about unwrapping gifts in pajamas early in the morning.

To provide the best service, offer gift wrapping. Make sure that your creative team provides customers with the best-wrapped gifts.

13.                 Create a giveaway

Besides a bunch of gifts that everyone gets during the Christmas season, any little thing you give your customers will make this period even better.

Be creative and specify the rules of the game. Make it so that the participants in the giveaway have to advertise your company. The easiest way, if you can’t do it on your website, is Instagram. Make participants use your hashtag and post a photo on their account or make them tag at least three people on your post. That’s the easiest and cheapest way of advertising.

That way many new people will hear about your company, which will increase sales. The only price you have to pay is a gift, which is nothing compared to the profit you’ll make after you attract a bunch of new visitors.

14.                 Provide a possibility of creating a ‘wish list’

Instead of classic wish lists available on every ecommerce website, give customers the ability to create a wish list similar to the wish lists sent to Santa Claus. The unique design will attract many visitors. This cute way of shopping will make customers feel the Christmas vibe!

Parents who are choosing presents with their children will be especially thankful.

15.                 Provide advice when buying a gift

Artificial intelligence already eased online communication, but an assistant during online shopping is something new. If you aren’t getting help from artificial intelligence yet, your online support staff can communicate with visitors and help them decide what to buy.

Think about giving your visitors the possibility of live communication. The online assistant should provide suggestions to a customer based on wishes, price range, gender, and age group. After a list of suitable items is displayed, customers will choose a gift and order more quickly and with less effort.

There are a lot of ways to increase sales, but only creative and unique ideas will boost purchases on your E-commerce website. Every year brings new trends in the design and methods of online commerce, so it’s essential to follow the innovations in this field.

These tips are only a guideline for getting more sales this Christmas. You should talk to your team and develop the best solutions from these ideas.

Based on your product, choose the best-suited solutions and get ready for a massive online crowd and the best sales so far!