How to get Video Testimonials From your Clients and Customers

Customer testimonial videos are definitely among the best conversion tools available to you today. With more and more people turning to online shopping as the primary shopping option, social proof has become the most important aspect of any business website. This is why more and more companies are starting to add this section to their online portals.

The question that remains is how does one get video testimonials? Although the answer to this question may appear rather complex, we are here to make things simple for you. Not everyone knows about them, but there are shortcuts that you can take to get your hands on delightful video testimonials.

Here’s how to get video testimonials from your clients/customers.


Client Testimonial Videos are Vital for Success

Before we dive into the tips and tricks on how to get them, let’s quickly review all the benefits of having client video testimonials on your website:

Video testimonials do convert – since you are busy with your day to day tasks, you’ve probably missed the new Content Marketings Institute study. According to it, videos are ranked 3rd in terms of conversion power. Simply put, video testimonials are widely used because they do convert. Beside this, they also increase website traffic, help you build trust, and increase shares across digital channels.

Emotions drive the decision-making process – to push your prospects and leads forward through your pipeline, you have to evoke emotions in them. Video content is the best way to achieve this. While even a masterpiece of text can easily bore your prospects, videos can easily steal their hearts. Never forget that your customers are human, which is why customer testimonials can help the viewers relate.

Video Testimonials may easily be the best type of social proof – when it comes to converting power, video testimonials are as valuable as personal recommendations. They can easily affect a potential customer’s purchasing decision.

Video is favorite customers favorite media – whether you want to attribute this fact to laziness or our nature, we do prefer video content over textual content. This applies to both B2B and B2C marketing. Even the marketing emails containing a video get better open and click-through rates.

Video content has satisfying retention rates – according to the latest research, video content has an amazing 95% retention rate, while textual information sits at 12%. This makes video the best option if you want something important to communicate to your customers.

Segment your Customers

When it comes to getting testimonial videos there are a lot of shortcuts, but segmenting your customers is not one of them. It’s here because it would be a daunting task to pursue a video testimonials strategy without it.

Out of all the techniques that we are going to mention, this one might be the most time-consuming. On the other hand, it will generate the data you can use to make all the shortcuts more effective.

What are you looking to achieve? The one who carries your message in any video testimonial is your customer. Some customers will be more or less appealing to your target market. Your job is to segment your current customers and match those segments to your market.

While this may sound way too complicated in practice, it really isn’t. What is it that you want to do? Let’s look at one of the examples we published on our website. You can see that the product in question is an electrical razor designed for head shaving.

The people in the video testimonials are all men who prefer to have their head shaved. The company in question could’ve targeted people who purchased this item as a gift, but instead, they targeted people who actually use the electric razor.

While we are at it, it may prove easier to ask the customers who actually used the product or service for a testimonial, than those who got it as a present. You should always consider this. Make your video testimonials so that they can help your prospects and leads to convert, not only to have them published on your website.

Start Grooming your Clients Early On

To become efficient and get client video testimonials, you should always pay attention to your customers. And when we say pay attention, we mean early on. If you are selling your products directly, tell your sales teams to pay attention to customers behavior. If a customer seems happy about their purchase, it would be great to pitch the testimonial idea early on.

Be polite about it and pop the question. Something like this: “We can tell that you seem happy about purchasing our product. Are you interested in helping us improve our product and spread the message across the web? Can we send you an email one week from now so that you can leave us a video testimonial?”

If you are continually capturing online sales, then you should consider using live chat software to help guide your customers and build a relationship early on. Live chat transcripts can teach you a lot and help you learn how and when to pop the testimonial question and get better results.

Be ready to take no for an answer and make sure to follow up by asking for a reason. In many cases, people will give you one, which can help you get to the bottom of things and improve your video testimonials acquisition process. In any case, grooming your clients for video testimonials early on is a viable tactic.

Create Compelling Emails

You should consider using emails to increase the rate at which you are capturing video testimonials. But there is one thing that you should know. Email marketing is at its peak and people’s inboxes get flooded with all kinds of emails every day. This is why you have to step up your game and learn to create compelling emails.You should consider using emails to increase the rate at which you are capturing video testimonials. But there is one thing that you should know. Email marketing is at its peak and people’s inboxes get flooded with all kinds of emails every day. This is why you have to step up your game and learn to create compelling emails.

These are the three aspects you want to improve:

⦁ Subject line

⦁ Pretext

⦁ Email body text

By improving the subject line and pretext, you can significantly increase email open rates. While the email body text should be used to communicate a clear call to action and appeal to the customers. Shortly, it should contain very brief information on what video testimonials are, why you need them, and how customers can help you.

If you want more information on how to write the best emails and get video testimonials, make sure to check our guide. (here you should link the email guide article that we have provided)

Leverage the Forums and Social Media

The next shortcut goes straight through your social media accounts and customer forums. Since people love to talk about the products they’ve purchased, you should learn how to tap into those resources and leverage your digital footprint to your advantage.

Let’s start with social media profiles. There are specific tools that can help you look for your product or brand mentions on the popular social media platforms. The goal is to reach out to those people and pitch them the idea to create and send you a video testimonial.

Apart from this, you can take a look at your customers’ activity on your profiles. After a close inspection, we’re sure that you’ll be able to identify the ones that are the most active – those that like and share your posts, leave comments, and so on. Since they are already active, these customers are your ideal targets. Compose a brief message and ask them to leave a testimonial.

There are a lot of forums designed to help customers find the right product and help each other. You should make accounts on these forums and look for your products and services. Make sure to read the posting guidelines before openly asking for testimonials, as it’s against some forums’ posting policy.

Work on your Questions List

Leaving too many options for your customers can easily confuse them and even make them more anxious about what they should say in a video testimonial. Being recorded and ending up on a webpage for anyone to see is stressful enough. You want to give your best to make this process as easy as possible.

This is why you should work on the list of the questions you want your customers to answer. The questions should be short and easy to understand. More importantly, they should be easy to answer. A bad one would definitely be: “What can you tell us about our product/service?”, while the good ones are:

⦁ “What kind of problem did you have before you bought our product?”

⦁ “What kind of problem did you have before you bought our product?”

⦁ “Did you get any results from our product? What are those results?”

⦁ “Can you tell us what it is that you like about our product?”

⦁ “If you had to recommend it to a friend, what would you say?”

Since, in most cases, you are going to ask people for testimonials online and not in person, you have to consider the structure of your interviews. Not only will these questions help your customers and guide them through the recording process, but you will end up with consistent testimonials that actually contain all the information a prospect needs to make a purchasing decision.

Make it Easy and Automate the Process

Consider this – you are here reading about the shortcuts on getting customers to leave you a video testimonial. This means that you don’t have the time or resources to spend on a long-term strategy at the moment. What makes you think that your customers have time to spend on recording a video testimonial for you?

This is why you have to make this process as quick and easy as possible. Fortunately for you, we have developed Confident Customer, a platform that makes it extremely easy for customers to record a testimonial and transfer it to you.

All emails sent through Confident Customer contain a link that leads the customer through the testimonial recording process. Since everything is done in a few clicks and takes a few minutes, you will increase the chances of getting more reviews.

On top of that, Confident Customer is an automated platform. This means that you can send bulk emails and get the reviews automatically displayed on your website. It’s easy and there is no coding involved whatsoever.

Avoid the Common Mistakes

Before we let you go we have to introduce the most common mistakes people make when they try to implement a video testimonials strategy.

The first mistake – the most common mistake is focusing on the message in the testimonial, while forgetting who is saying it. This is why we’ve talked about segmentation and matching the customer in the video with the target market. You have to find a person each market segment can easily relate to. Failing to do so will undermine your efforts and produce disappointing results.

The second mistake – many companies write their own testimonials and ask their customers to read them in front of the camera. While in some instances the product is really helpful and the statements are not fake, they appear as if they are. It’s simply because the customer is not speaking from experience. This is why you should let your customers answer your questions in their own words. Give your testimonials a structure but don’t script them.

We hope that we have answered your question. There are several shortcuts to getting video testimonials from your clients/customers. By segmenting your target market and current customer base, you can easily keep the testimonials relevant for every prospect and lead.

On the other hand, the testimonial structure and an easy-to-use video testimonial acquisition platform will help you capture more testimonials and effortlessly embed them in your website.