How User-Generated Reviews Can Help To Scale Facebook Ads

Why do people buy online? As an eCommerce store owner, you’ve done everything you think is required to kickstart a business. Beautiful product images, good sales copywriting, a powerful shopping cart, and carefully crafted FAQs or even a return guarantee.

When you hit the “go live” button in your Shopify store, launched a few ads in Adwords and Facebook… Do you find yourself constantly looking at the dashboard to see if you actually made the sales?

Every product owner who just started selling on Facebook Ads experiences the same anticipation, with the hope to get sales as much as you could think off knowing you’ve done all that’s needed to create a proper store.

But none of these really matters. Like literally… because the truth of why people buy is no longer what they actually see on the product. People buy because of what they see and hear, from what other buyers have to say about your product. This is why user-generated reviews / social influence is the #1 factor for people in their buying decision, especially for a new product or a product they haven’t heard or seen before.

To really understand the psychology of sales, people buy for two main reasons: 1. if the product will solve the pain they have, or 2. the product is giving them pleasure or help them realize their desires

Why do you think people buy luxury cars like a Golf R? Obviously, they don’t buy it because it will solve a problem i.e., get them from point A to point B. They buy luxury cars because of the pleasure they feel when driving, that novelty feeling that boosts their social status makes them feel really good about themselves.

In this buying process, one critical influence is really what others have to say about the product. Research shows that when it comes to buying decision, 90% of buyers read and check what others have to say about the product.

This is where ConfidentCustomer comes in as a great solution for eCommerce businesses. Smart store owners know how important it is to collect reviews, but collecting reviews on autopilot is seriously a painful process.

When we applied ConfidentCustomer to our agency client’s store, we actually see conversion rate lift up as much as 30% compared to products without reviews.

Knowing that customer reviews is a critical factor in the buying decision, we then applied social reviews using ConfidentCustomer on Facebook Ads. Now instead of getting retargeting ads of the product, potential customers will see what other people have to say about the product and thus make it much easier for them in the buying decision.

So if you want to skyrocket your conversion rate…

Get a free account today at ConfidentCustomer.

About author: Gerald is co-founder at, a specialty white label agency focused on Facebook ads for eCommerce. He have helped several startup agency to scale their business with world class white label Facebook Ads.