How ConfidentCustomer helped this eCommerce boost social influence and increase return of ads spend (ROAS) by 50% in FB Ads is an eCommerce store selling innovative shavers with great presence in the US and Europe.

They sell mainly through Amazon and Facebook ads and make approximately 1,000 sales on FB per month.

Since Skull Shaver has been collecting a good amount of reviews on Amazon, they find it challenging to collect reviews on their website.

They hardly get any customer to leave a review and have no idea on how to automate the process.

Because of this, most of their reviews are quite old, dated 3-4 years back from Amazon.

Aside from not getting reviews from customers, they rarely use any of the reviews as part of the social influence in marketing collateral.


When they signed up for ConfidentCustomer premium account, we helped them establish automation reviews collection through email request.

Within 2 weeks, we managed to get 37 reviews and 2 high-quality video testimonies.

23 Video
22 Photo
300+ Text

ConfidentCustomer helped us to automate the process of getting reviews easily, and turn them into powerful retargeting ads which to me is a very valuable strategy.


Peter Gold, CMO at


Within 2 weeks, we got


Improve CTR by 55% at 3.73%, previously at 2.49%

Relevant score

40% better relevant score on FB


New CPA at $8.3,the previous CPA was at $11.43


New ROAS at 15x, Previous average ROAS was at 8.5x


Lower CPC by 35%

Some examples of reviews retargeting using dynamic product ads


814 Purchase


1437 Purchase

27 March - 2nd April: Since launching the ads, the direct comparison New ads has 70% more purchases than the OLD ads competing with it.

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